A Moody Dodd Wood Couple Portrait Session

Jess & Jeremy are going to be saying their vows at the incredible Storrs Hall on the shores of Windermere later this year and for their couple portrait session, we decided to go for a little walk up Dodd Wood. By little I mean, I found out how unfit I am with the accent and taking many breaks from walking.. these Norfolk legs just can't do hills! I guess I should head to the gym a little bit more... Anyway.

These two are cute as heck and absolutely adore each other in every way, even with the mickey taking. As always we walked and talked about general life and the upcoming wedding plans offing advice as and where I could. By the sounds of it, it's going to be an amazing day at a truly spectacular venue and I cannot wait!

The low cloud just got lower and lower as the walk progressed to the point where we couldn't even see the summit, although part of us was rather happy we didn't have to walk all the way up I am also a little sad as the views are typically incredible. We did, however, make the most of our time having a laugh and taking some photos getting used to poses for the big day.

Anyway, I have waffled along so, check out the photos below and If you would like to have a couples portrait session with myself, or even have me photograph your big day, then please do get in touch.

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