An Update


A huge thank you to everyone past and present who have supported me and my photography. But there's a time for change on its way.

Wedding photographer.

I'm pretty sure that wasn’t an option I considered when in primary school being asked what I wanted to do when I grew up.

In fact, I’m told that while climbing a fence to escape school I told my teacher “I don’t need school, I wanna be a digger man and I know how to dig”. Needless to say, I'm not a digger man either. Yet.

But what I am is a curious creative who stumbled into wedding photography.

Photography has always been my love and passion from a very young age. From being in darkrooms with my dad and having my own film cameras from a young age I started using the photographs for art. Be that in a digital art form, photomontage or to create the basis of my paintings and mixed media art forms. Photography was always there.

Long-time followers will remember my startings with landscape photography to some success from a young age putting on exhibitions in Norwich from the age of 14. Being a teen and having my photos in a published book by the age of 16 for the well-known travel motor-biker Nick Sanders. I even had a spell as a photojournalist for the BBC while at University.

While at Uni and a friend asked me to document his wedding. No posed photographs at all. It was terrifying but incredible. And that was me hooked I stumbled in and started climbing a newly found mountain I found before me. Over the next 12 years I climbed and photographed over 500 weddings either as the lead photographer or as a second shooter.

Opportunities opened and I curiously walked into them. I traveled around and got to meet many incredible people while doing a dream creative job! That included documentary photography and fine art portraits.

It wasn’t all dreamy and there was some really bloody hard times to be had but I kept climbing and plodding one foot in front of the other on this incredible hike.

When Chris Evans left Radio 2 he said something that I think about it a lot. To paraphrase he said:

“If you climb mountains, eventually youl get to the top and take in the view. But be careful not to just become a mountain viewer. Go find more mountains.”

And with that, I’m going to say something I never expected to. 2024 will be my last year as a wedding photographer for the foreseeable future.

Theres some really exciting opportunities happening around me with physical and metaphorical mountains to climb, and while I can, I want to curiously step one foot in front of the other and start some new adventures.

Photography-wise, I’m heading back to where I started, photographing landscapes, (and probably some soap and I really hope you join me for the adventure. As I Hopefully over the next few years put into place a dream, I have had since I was 17.

I'm excited to see where these adventures take me and ill be keeping this page updated with plans and adventures alongside new photos for you all to see what I get up to.

So please, for art's sake. Stay curious and boldly walk through opportunity doors.

(P.S. there's still 7 dates available for 2024)

So, you will see fewer blogs and less marketing from myself as I want to focus on what makes me happy, and that's my clients and the photos I take.

Again, thankyou for everything!


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