Autumnal Couple Portrait Session at Talkin Tarn

Dan and Kim recently won a Couple Portrait Session on one of my Facebook Giveaways! For their shoot, we travelled over Talkin Tarn, just outside of Brampton. They decided to bring the ever cute Freddy with them too, a two-year-old Collie, who as soon as he sees a sheep goings into work mode... even though he's never been a working dog... Stuff like that I just find amazing how it is literally bred into them!

Anyway, I should probably talk about Dan and Kim, they have been together for a few years and have recently bought a house together. They're totally all about being fun and taking things lightly, which is a great aspect of a relationship I think. Walking around the Tarn we talked and laughed about lots of things while venturing off the beaten track to explore the tarns hidden areas. We may have pressured Dan into using a rope swing which I then decided to give him a "Helpful Hand" in a massive push that nearly saw him do a 180 into the tree! Good times!

Anyway, I have waffled along so, check out the photos below and If you would like to have a couples portrait session with myself, or even have me photograph your big day, then please do get in touch.


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