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Melissa & Adams Cumbrian Woodland Wander Couples Portrait Session

Firstly congratulations to Melissa & Adam for their first year anniversary yesterday! Melissa emailed me about a couples portrait session in celebration of this awesome day. After photographing both Ciaran & George’s elopement but also Sarah & Andrew’s Couples Portrait Session, who by chance are mutual friends.  Not wanting to spoil other plans we chose the day after for our shoot out in the woodlands of Cumbria. Wandering around the local woodlands near Hiden River Cabins where Melissa regularly rides horses was great fun. As self-confessed non-posey people, we spent 15 minutes just talking and wandering, getting to know each other a little bit more before I started to explain some basic poses and just how easy they really are. Within another few minutes we were messing around giggling and laughing at the oddities of life… and some slapstick near falls by all of us in the mud. We then went down the road to where their horses are kept to get some photos of them… I didn’t say it before, but, I’m terrified of horses… They’re just so big and look like they can cause some damage. thankfully these beauts had them under control and they were very well behaved for the camera. I won’t be as terrified of them from now on… Time will tell! Anyway.. enough of me, have a look at the photos and enjoy! If you would like to have a couples portrait session with myself, or even have me photograph your big day, then please do get in touch.  

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