Environmentally Friendly USB

Sadly, the boxes I used to supply alongside my USB’s have doubled in price, meaning they’re now crazy expensive. I contacted all suppliers in the UK and USA that I could find, and they all told me that they get them from China; after they have been shipped around the world guzzling up fuel on huge ships etc. they’re not very good for the planet either.

Because of this a lot of photographers have done away with USBs, opting for an online gallery only, but I wanted to keep them. I also asked a lot of my clients’ several questions about the USB, and they all said they loved them and would be sad if it was download only. The decision was made to carry on with a digital download online gallery AND a USB.

I decided to look at the issue in another way, meaning you can still have the free USB, but also I can make it better and more environmentally friendly as possible.

When researching I found that it was the packaging of the USB itself which was more of the issue than the USB’s, so in the survey, I asked clients what they did with the packaging and the wooden box that I used to send it in. 4/5 said they didn’t keep the box, opting to place the USB in a sentimental box full of wedding bits and bobs or in an item that fitted better with their homes decore.

So it made sense to go to more disposable and environmentally friendly packaging. So now, almost everything is made from recycled materials and, most of it can be recycled again as well!

I hope you love the new direction as much as I do! After all, I try to be as Eco as I can, and this is just yet another step in the right direction to do my part in helping this planet.

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