Fine Art From A Wedding Photographer in Lockdown

As a wedding photographer who last year only had 8 days off between May & December, its safe to say I'm typically quite busy. My workflow is set up to help my creative mind deal with my mental health which is sadly stereotypically one of an artist and has always been. Even before becoming a wedding photographer, I was always out in the landscape or town photographing life as I saw it.

I photograph a wedding and spend the following week editing and producing the images for my clients. Then its the next wedding, etc. I love it. Memories are fresh in my mind and its productive, it has an amazing rhythm.

That said when it comes to the quiet time of January & February, I typically and utterly down tools and relax. I let my mind breathe, experiment with new ideas and techniques and just have fun with no pressure on the results. I love it!

I photographed one wedding in February of this year and I was on fire to start my years worth of weddings starting in March. Sadly, as we know, that didn't happen. Nor did the consequent 10 other weddings I was due to photograph.

With each and every day another postponement it's hard to stay creative and positive but with my mental health already struggling I turned on the TV and saw Grayson Perrys Art Club on Channel 4.

I LOVED IT! I'm a huge fan of Grayson anyway but this was and is just beautiful. That night I couldn't sleep for ideas in my head about how I can create art inside the house. With that, I decided to create a small natural light still life studio and to photograph objects and flowers that I walked past on my daily lockdown walk.

Below are just a few photos that I have recently photographed for this project, at the bottom you can see a video of how I created them and if you really fancy you can follow my Instagram or even buy some photos to support me on the links below.

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