Flick & Mark – Penrith Wedding

Flick & Mark said their vows at St Andrews church in the Cumbrian town of Penrith. It was beautiful! Honestly, the stained glass and paintings inside for this church wedding were incredible. The sun was out and so were all the members of the public to cheer and wave on as Flick arrived by a rather beautiful Rolls Royce.

I first met Flick & Mark while photographing Lillian and Ramon’s wedding nearly 2 and a half years ago. From there I bumped into them at another wedding I was photographing for Becky & David. The more I found out about this epic couple the more awesome they became and I was honoured to photograph their big day. As their story is so amazing I asked Flick to write some words about it all…

“We met through a mutual friend Mark intently questioned me and I was shy (Yeah Me shy! must have been a sign) after a few months of chatting and meeting on nights out I ended up staying at Marks and things moved a lot faster after that. We started spending a lot of time together and he took me to Aira Force and asked me to be his girlfriend (all properly and everything!).

We were together 4 months when I discovered I was pregnant (OOOPs). Mark was worried (as you would be) but things were good between us and I already had Faith so we decided to continue with the pregnancy and relationship. We were really happy and when Amelia came along she just added to the relationships. When Amelia was 15 months old I suddenly became very ill and was unable to walk. It was extremely scary the Drs used words like brain tumour, stroke and MS. When I was admitted to hospital and Mark was there for me through it all. Never left my side, he was my rock. Luckily, I didn't have any of the above and I slowly got better. Some days I felt awful and was in the deepest depression but he always pulled me round and made me feel like I could overcome it. We have an unbreakable bond, we have had our lives turned upside down and still overcome every obstacle thrown our way. We always come out the other side stronger than ever.

He Proposed on Christmas morning by putting the ring at the bottom of my stocking, and wrote in the box 'marry me'. I, of course said yes (I'd only been waiting nearly 6 years for him to ask), and was thrilled that I would be able to walk up the aisle, which previously I was worried about.

Currently, Mark is supporting me to study at Durham University. I would never have believed that I was good enough to apply for such a prestigious university if it wasn't for him, and I got in!

Mark is my best friend, my soul mate, my world and I his.”

As always, have a look at the below Slideshow and images from this epic day. If you would like me to photograph your big day, please feel free to contact me!

Vendor shout-outs go to:

Hair and Make up: Lisa Ivinson hairdressing

Catering: Rob Faustino

Chocolate fountain: chocolate rush

DJ'n and keeping the dance floor packed all night was: I&T Discos

Seamstress: Fg sewing

Decorations and the cake was done by Flick herself!

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