From Singapore To A Cumbria Wedding Proposal

With only a few days' notice and frantic Instagram messages, I was asked to photograph Dionel's Cumbria wedding proposal to Thiviyah. They were on a mini-tour of the Uk, travelling from Singapore, meeting old friends and, unknown to Thiviyah, hopefully about to be engaged!

We originally were planning to head into the Lake District, but when the friendship group who were all on a joint holiday saw what amazing landscape was around their accommodation in Edenhall, we quickly changed plans again to make it even more special and intimate. A guaranteed way only those in the loop would be present to witness the proposal.

We met in our first semester at the University of Western Australia in Perth. Little did we know that we had many mutual friends and our paths crossed several times in the past but it was pure coincidence that we first met each other at a place that was 2,000 miles away from home. 

We were good friends for over 3 years where there was an attraction but we kept brushing it off. It wasn’t until 2019 that we confessed to one another and decided to take a leap forward into the dating life. We began to feel a burning flame getting bigger day by day and on 4 December 2020, I asked Thiviyah to be my girlfriend. And just like, my world changed.

Thiviyah and I were planning a holiday trip to the United Kingdom and catch up with my closest friends. I wanted to take the opportunity and started planning for a Lake District proposal with the help of my close friend and ‘groomswoman’ - Myra. Myra found Joshua on Instagram and showed his pictures to me. Both of us were very fond of Joshua’s style of photography and contacted him soon after. Myra and I found the perfect location by the lake for the special day. 

On the very day itself, Joshua was hiding by the side of the lake waiting for all of us. We pretended to take some pics by the lake and gave Thiviyah a surprise with the ring box. Everything went smooth until I realised my friend passed me an empty ring box and I was already on my knees. It was hilariously the best proposal ever and Joshua captured every moment of it perfectly. (A friend quickly ran back to the house and got the correct box!)

We are now happily engaged and can’t wait to start the next chapter of our lives together! Thanks, Joshua for the wonderful memories!


If you would like to propose to your partner and would like it to be documented, then why not contact me? Ild love to help you plan, document and be a part of this special moment!


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