Lake District Hike Couple Portrait Session

Raven Crag, maybe one of the best views in the stunning Lake District? It for sure has to be one of the top ten in my mind! Overlooking Thirlmere reservoir, Raven Crag stands 461M high with a sheer cliff face of 150M. Not only is the steep ascent breathtaking, so is the view!

One of my oldest friends Ben, and his wife Alice married during the Covid restrictions where only 6 guests were allowed to be present for the ceremony. Understandably, I didn't make the cut. However, my wedding present to them was to come up and visit the lakes alongside a couple portrait session!

Alice had never been to the Lakes before, but up for a hike I decided to show them both one of the top views in the lakes, in my humble opinion. I mean, it is stunning but man it's a steep hike, it doesn't take long to scale Raven crag and it is by far worth the Lake District Hike, but flippin heck it is steep and breaks are needed!

Knowing that they were both up for the adventure we set off into The Lake District for our hike and adventure! After parking, we headed across the Thirlmere reservoir dam and started the hike along the forest paths.

Have a little look at the fun we got up to and If you fancy a Couple Portrait Session mixed with some adventure, get in touch and let's plan a session!

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