A black and white photo of a couple LEVEL UP with a dog in the grass.

Level Up Portrait Session: Introducing Bertie

I love Level Up Portrait Sessions! I adore finding out what's new with my clients and documenting the changes in their life that they want to celebrate. I've actually lost count of how many times I have photographed these two including their Couples Portrait Session and their amazing wedding photographs.

We had planned to do this level up portrait session a few months ago however, lockdown happened and so plans were postponed. but I decided that the first level up shoot should go to these two!

We talked about getting a dog for a long time, but we waited till the time was right. After a lot of research, and taking allergies into account, we put our name down on a waiting list and got Bertie from Rosedale Doodles."

"Bertie is an F1b Cockapoo (he’s more poodle than cocker spaniel so better for allergies. His dad was a poodle and his mum was a Cockapoo), and from the day we got him he’s been both cheeky and loving... he’s such a clever little pup."

"He makes us laugh every single day and we’d be lost without him. I’m not sure how we’d of coped without Bertie in lockdown, he gave us something positive to focus on amongst all of the craziness going on in the world. Whether it was training him or playing games with him, he kept us busy and smiling. Our only problem with Bertie in lockdown was the lack of socialisation, he was only 7 months old when lockdown began and was so used to being around other dogs and people, we’re slowly building his confidence back up now and as you can see from the photos... he loved Josh!"

Check out the photos below and If you would like to have a Level Up Portrait Session then please do Contact Me


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