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I recently asked Claire, the amazing person behind Mama Cakes, a Premium Wedding Cake Maker based in Cumbria some questions couples have asked me in the past when looking for a cake maker. I also chucked a few of my own questions in. Claire is amazing at what she does and I was lucky enough to spend a day photographing her incredible work for some upcoming projects. those photos can be seen below with all of the questions! “Mama Cakes’ prestigious cake studio serves the most exclusive wedding venues in the South of Scotland and the North of England, including The Lake District. Highly regarded for its exquisite and elegant cake designs, delicate colour palettes, stunning sugar flowers, pearls, laces, ruffles and meticulous attention to detail. With complete devotion to perfecting every detail to ensure that your Mama Cakes experience is the most exciting part of your wedding planning. At Mama Cakes, creativity is encouraged and impeccable quality and delicious flavours are guaranteed.”

Could you tell us what prompted you to become a wedding cake designer?

Because I bought cakes in the past and they either looked nice and tasted pretty poor or vice versa. I am so passionate about creating individual works of art that compliment my clients’ thoughts and wishes whilst also tasting amazing.

Could you tell us about the design process for creating your cakes?

I like to talk with my clients about every aspect of their celebration to ensure their cake is exactly what they want and think it is going to look like, taking into consideration colours, trends, styles, textures and the environment the celebration is being held.

What’s the most intricate piece you have created and how long did it take?

My most intricate design was a seven-tiered all white hanging wedding cake with sugar pearls and roses, it took me 38hrs to add all of the sugar pearls and then each tier had a row of handmade white chocolate roses. I lost count of the number of hours after this. But it was worth it as the cake was stunning.

Who inspires you?

Jasmine Rae, Suzanne Thorp and Ron Ben Israel to name a few.

How to choose your cake maker?

I would always recommend looking closely at the quality and detail of the cake makers work, taste their cakes to ensure you like them, but don’t always go for the cheapest option as quality ingredients, the skill of the cake maker does cost more sometimes. Are they fully insured do they have public liability and do they have their food hygiene certificate and allergens certificate. Have a look at their reviews and talk to them, do they understand you and do you like and trust them. Gut instinct does go along way.

How far in advance to book?

As soon as your venue/celebration is booked, as often talented suppliers are booked up two years in advance.

How to make a budget for your cake?

The price of cake is based on number of guests needed served and how much detailing is on the cake. Sugar flowers tend to work out a lot more expensive due to the time involved to make them, they are a great keepsake though. Fresh and silk flowers are a great alternative to save money.

If your ideal spend is on the low side be upfront with your cake maker they can then make suggestions on how to bring your wedding cake in on budget but still get what you want. If it’s not possible they will say so and come up with alternative suggestions.

Cake maker v shop bought?

There is always a place for shop bought cakes, but obviously, if I have a choice I would always go with a professional cake maker as often shop bought cakes don’t work out cheaper. What you see and what you get are two different things but I always say research to ensure what you think you are getting is what you are actually getting.

Would you rather go with the current trends or a more traditional look?

I always like to mix things up. I love on trend cakes with elements of tradition but it depends as each wedding I do is very different and no two cakes I create are the same.

What’s your favourite type of cake to make?

I like anything that’s different with a twist of WOW in it. I always look to see how I can push boundaries and trends when the situation presents itself, whilst still looking elegant and stylish.

Do you even eat cake anymore?

I eat a lot of cake as I try every cake that leaves our studio to ensure it is up to standard. I also like to try other people’s cakes to learn and think of new flavour combinations.

Whats the most difficult cake you have made to date?

Hand carving a heart in the middle of one of the tiers it was a real bugger to make sure it was symmetrical and to scale with the other tiers and not too overpowering.

Do you do bespoke/custom flavours? How about gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan or other speciality options?

Yes of course. My daughter, when she was born, was protein intolerant so this highlighted to me that it’s so important to cater for everyone. There is nothing worse than going to a celebration and seeing your little ones face when they can’t have cake. Also I’ve been there when my own daughter was given food that she was intolerant too and how ill this made her so it is so so important to me. I will always work with you and your needs in every way I can.

Do you offer anything other than cakes?

Biscuits, truffles, cupcakes, mini cakes and cake pops.

What tips can you give to couples who are ordering their cake?

You don’t need to know what you want when you book but the main thing is to pay your deposit to reserve your date. Ask as many questions as you need to to make sure you have found the right cake maker for you and always taste their cake. Also ask other suppliers who they would use as they work in the industry and know whose worth their salt.

If you would like to know more about Mama cakes then head over to the website here! P.S. the studio is Stunning, you will love it there!

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