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Nigel & Grace – Rydal Water Couples Portrait Session

Nigel & Grace are a seriously cute couple, who live and work in Singapore, they visited the Lake District while on a short holiday staying in windermere. Nigel wanted to surprise his wife with a couples shoot while they were over here, I mean how could I say no?

With Nigel not knowing the area he asked me to think of a location near by that is accessible by public transport. Rydal water has always been one of my favourite areas to visit in the lakes and it seemed like a perfect fit. Woodlands, water, caves.. whats not to love?!

It was honestly wonderful finding more out about this epic couple  as we ventured around the winding paths of Rydal Water. Approaching the cave we noticed people standing on top of it rather high up with impressive views. I wont lie, I didn't even know you could get to the top, but we ventured into the cave to see what we could find.

I had already packed my flash guns in my bag and had the idea of a beautiful silhouette portrait inside the cave with the rock face as a backdrop. while I was setting up and checking exposures I asked Nigel and Grace to just ignore me and explore the cave.

Out of no where I started hearing Jazz playing, As i turned around there they were looking at each other in just pure love as a small slow dance started. It was beautiful to see. It was their moment, and as much as i wanted to photograph them doing this I didn't want to put them off or stop the moment.

After a few minutes in the cave we ventured out and started to climb on top of it. Wow, What a view! Nigel had already told me that they adored the colours of the trees and wanted a large landscape photograph and so the image you can see below is actually 60 photographs stitched together to make one huge landscape! We then went to feed some ducks as Grace adores ducks! Cant blame her they're awesome.

Ive probably waffled on enough now so ill stop and let you see the images. If you would like a couples shoot then feel free to contact me!

  1. I love that silhouette shout in the cave, that’s a winner all day long 🙂
    Great set too

  2. Brilliant images Josh! Love the shots in the cave, the silhouette one especially. Great work


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