I adore teaching, it’s something I have always loved to do. Not only in past jobs as a sound engineer for live shows but also while I worked in a high-end technology shop where we also offered training on the products.

Watching someone learn and understands a confusing subject is incredible to watch. It also unlocks so many closed doors whether that’s a creative one or a technical one. We all strive to be better. Hopefully, I will also be able to help you and your photography in a group photography workshop or with some 1-2-1 training.

I would love to know what parts of photography you’re wanting to explore, from landscape photography to off-camera flash, editing, or simply right at the beginning of understanding how to use your camera in manual

I myself go to a photography workshop once a year with someone whose skill sets are very different to mine just to see if I can learn anything new or take anything away to incorporate within my own style and I love it!

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Previous Photography Workshops

Off-Camera Flash Photography

This included learning how to understand and control light.

Controlling ambient and flash power from within the camera settings, saving you time and looking more professional in front of your client.

Example of Off Camera Flash in a Wedding Photography Workshop

Lightroom Masterclass

This included a basic overview of the develop module in lightroom classic.

An Understanding of image intent when editing. Being decisive form the outset and understanding how affecting individual parts of the image changes the overall feeling of the photograph. For this, we edited photographs we took that day or landscape photographs students already had on their computers.