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I would love to know what parts of photography you’re wanting to explore.

From landscape photography to off-camera flash, editing, or simply right at the beginning of understanding how to use your camera in manual.

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Photographs from Joshua Wyborn Photography Workshop Training

I adore teaching; it’s something I have always loved to do. From my past as a sound engineer, to when I worked in a high-end technology offering training. I even guest lecture at Carlisle Camera Club, one of the oldest camera clubs globally, on Landscape Photography, Off-Camera Flash & Editing to list my main teaching areas.

I genuinely get a buzz watching people learn a new skill. Seeing the understanding and excitement of new ideas is incredible to watch. Not only does it expand your knowledge, but it also unlocks so many closed doors, whether that’s a creative one or a technical one. After all, we all want to be better. (I still go to workshops and absorb as much knowledge from others as I can!)

The Lake District is stunning, and I’m happy to now call it my extended back garden as I live in Carlisle and visit the Lake District at least once a week with my camera.

Starting out as a Fine Art landscape photographer, I was drawn to the Lake District for my photography degree. I now call it my playground as a full-time wedding photographer. Whilst still enjoying my landscape photography as a personal artform.

So whether you wish to level up your landscape photography or learn a new skill like off-camera flash or to finally get your head around understanding Lightroom, I offer 3 kinds of teaching that may help you achieve just that.

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Bulk Lessons can be bought with a 10% discount for 3 or more lessons.

Lake District Photography Workshops


Lake District Photography Workshops are a great way to learn with group learning. Theory in the morning and hands-on learning in the afternoon with a lunch in between. To find out more about when these photography workshops will take place, join the mail list below.

1-2-1 Lake District Photography Courses

£200 Per 3 hours Per Person

We head out to the lake district for your photography courses and learn whatever you wish to learn. We will talk beforehand about what your aims and objectives are for the photography course and how best to achieve your aims.

If you wish, to learn with a friend then a second person can along as well for a 2-2-1 Photography course. However, the photography course will still have the same per-person cost.

Video Call Photography Course

£50 Up to one hour call

In these crazy times of social distancing, I have decided to start doing video call tuition. This can be with us both at home or if you’re on location why not take me with you on a video call? We can talk about your aims and needs during the chat and I can help you get the shot you’re after!

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How To Use Your Camera In Manual.

The video series that accompanies my FREE no nonsense hands on guide to learning photography basics. Over several videos and along side the digital guide (which you can download for free above) you can master how to use your camera in manual!

Simple Still Life Setup

Inspired by Grayson Perry's great new channel 4 show I decided to start taking still life fine art photos while in lockdown and isolations! We can't go outside or do the fine art shots of huge vistas in the Lake District but we can still create art with our cameras! Thank you Grayson!

How I Edited This Storrs Hall Wedding Photo

So a few people have now asked me how I edit my photographs, and if I'm honest I like to keep things simple! This is just one example from a recent training day with Brett Harkness. But you can use the same skills to master your Lightroom workflow!

Feel free to contact me to learn more about Lightroom and how we can make your editing as pain free and efficient as possible!

Want To Learn More? Contact me!

We all can do with learning more, as said before I even go on workshops and learn from others. So, do you take your photography to the next level? Get in touch and let's learn.
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