A post-elopement family is posing in front of a waterfall.

Post-Elopement Family Portrait Session

I love it when I get an interesting enquiry landing in my inbox and when Rhi got in touch it was not only hilarious, but the plans themselves sounded perfectly unique to Rhi, Andy and the boys. I adore it when people do what's right for them. For this family, it was a secret elopement followed by a family portrait session the next day!

I asked Rhi to say a few words about the day and their plans, which are below.

"Sooo me and Andy met years ago while we were both historical re-enactors. Friendship turned into a fling that got a bit out of hand, and we'll be celebrating 12 years together this summer. After a dozen years, 2 kids, various house moves and life events we finally got round to making things 'official'. Much as I love other people's weddings (flowers, frocks, towering cakes, oh my!) I never fancied being in the middle of one for myself and we'd always discussed just sneaking off somewhere beautiful and doing things quietly ourselves."

"The Lake District is somewhere we've visited together several times over the years and it made sense to us to combine our ceremony with a family camping holiday. And it seemed the perfect opportunity to finally get some family photographs, and Josh suggested the most beautiful location for us. He hardly had a chance to raise his camera before our eldest fell in... fortunately he was quite unhurt and found the whole thing hilarious, though proved rather difficult to herd into the photos thereafter as he was having too much fun splashing about. I did eventually get my family shot...it just features a clearly dripping, sodden 6-year-old! It was absolute chaos but so much fun, and the memories, as well as the pictures, will be treasured. I'm already planning on revisiting the waterfall in a few years time for more pictures as the kids grow up (If you're feeling brave Josh?!)"

Fancy something fun like this? Why not get in touch and let's start planning!


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