Sarah & Andrew – Carlisle Couples Portrait Session

Sarah & Andrew are a beautiful couple to say the least. In fact, you may recognise Sarah from Ciaran & George’s Elopement wedding earlier in the year when she was a witness for that epic day! Sarah & Andrew’s big day is taking place later this year in September and this week they asked if we could go for an impromptu couples portrait session at their favorite dog walking Carlisle park with Poppy. Who is possibly the fluffiest 11-year-old dog I have ever seen. As self-confessed “Two low key people and their enormous dog.” I took an off-hand approach to this portrait session with even less instructional posing than usual. We walked and talked about the big day ahead and I honestly can’t wait to photograph it… It pains me I can’t even say some of the details as I want to keep them surprises. I’m going to keep this short as I just want the photos to do the talking but if you would like to contact me about a couples portrait session then please do feel free to!

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