Swapping Secrets with Other Professional Wedding Photographers

Every day is a school day and there is nothing better than meeting with your peers as Professional Wedding Photographers and learn from each other. Be that with a small informal chat or at a big planned training workshop. Yesterday I was lucky enough to get both!

Neil Redfern, who is a flash master, last year put on a workshop that I attended where I looked at how he shoots and the ideas behind it all. I took some ideas away from this and it really did give me an extra eye for detail on my 2017 weddings, even if it was challenging sometimes stepping out of my comfort zone.

As I said Neil is a great flash master *snigger* and when I heard he was putting on a workshop just for flash I couldn’t say no! Flash is something I do use a lot but more in a technical sense correcting lighting rather than in a creative way. Why? well, I come from a background where lights were used in studios and in the fast pace of a wedding the ways of studio thinking just don’t work with time constraints.

Neil, however, is a master at making the workflow of it all take seconds. one which I’m starting to master now as well! So whereas before I would do this kinda image every now and then, I think It will be a start of some fun when the sun starts to go down…

On the course were some of my peers Allan, Babs, Charlotte & Simon. Thank you for all being amazing I think we all learnt loads from Neil and each other! Huge thanks to Louisa & James for modelling too!

As always, have a look at the below images from this epic day. If you would like me to photograph your big day, please feel free to contact me!

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