Description: A black and white photo of a man, woman, and Becky sitting on steps.

Level Up Portrait Session: The Grimwood’s

Pretty much all of my clients, become friends. Becky & Rob started out as clients and after their Couple Portrait Session, we got on like a house on fire... Then it was their wedding day... Post Wedding Portrait Session and now two Level Up Portrait Sessions!

See the 2018 portrait session here or skip to the 2020 portrait session here

Level Up Portrait Session 2018

Needless to say, these guys are really close friends of mine and I am over the moon for them after knowing their story that they are now expecting! That said, from the first time I met them Becky said she always wanted a Dog called Dobby. He's the + 1!

We originally planned to do a first-year anniversary shoot but with newly known facts, we changed it up a little and changed the date to suit!

Its rare as a wedding photographer that you get recurring shoots with the same clients but for these guys, this is their 4th shoot! It is an honour to see their lives grow and change over the years. I cannot wait to see what other adventures await!

Congrats again guys!

Level Up Portrait Session 2020

I am utterly over the moon for these guys! In 2019 Becky contacted me about another Level Up Portrait Session, we booked the date and decided on a location of Thirlmere. the roads are "closed" right at the bottom of the reservoir, but most people don't know you can still get most of the way down, meaning it was a quiet place for our shoot. So the plans were set...

The only thing we couldn't control was the typical Cumbrian weather, which was pretty damn wet! Neither the less we had a great adventure in the lakes with Luca & Dobby sharing some news!


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