Trash the dress: Mud! Bridal Portrait

“I am happily married (have been for 4 years now) and always hoped to have the opportunity to wear my dress again but didn’t fancy doing a pristine bridal portrait. For a start, my poor dress hadn’t even been looked at, let alone cleaned, since I had flung it (covered in fake tan, perfume, booze, food and foot prints…) back in its duvet cover the morning after our wedding. I wanted to do something fun to commemorate the last time I wore my dress which was of course me and my husband’s wonderful wedding. When I saw that Josh wanted to start offering this service  I jumped at the opportunity because really I had nothing to lose. My dress might have already been ruined anyway. Josh is friendly, responsive and professional. It was a breeze setting up the date and the location. On the day of the shoot the ground was partially frozen but the sky was clear and the sun was shining. I had a bit of a wobble in confidence when Josh showed me the first few snaps that he had taken just because I don’t look exactly the same as I did on my wedding day (my dress is a little tighter and I am of course a little older) but Josh was patient and encouraging and I quickly got over it. The location was beautiful and once I started splashing about in the waterfall I forgot about looking “perfect” and started to have some fun! After the waterfall, I got wrapped up and we moved into the sunshine to find some mud and basically had a bit of a mud fight with my dress bearing the brunt of it! Typically, a man and his dog walked by at this point and the man was terribly British about the whole affair and pretended not to notice the strange scenes going on around him! Josh and me had lots of fun and laughed a lot throughout the course of the day. Josh’s knowledge of photography was plain to see. I was surprisingly nervous once it was just me in front of the camera but Josh guided me, provided me with kind and clever direction and really put me at ease. Josh took hundreds of photographs including dramatic shots of the surrounding scenery and close up shots of the finer details such as the beading on my dress and my mucky wedding rings. I was delighted when Josh had a few pictures for me to preview that same evening. The experience was fantastic, there were a few moments when I felt sentimental and precious about my dress but on the other hand, it has been given a whole new lease of life and “trashing” it felt cheeky and fun. Furthermore, I am delighted to report that my dress has survived the experience. The care label says “hand wash at 30 degrees” which is what I’ve done (in the bath and then in the washing machine on a gentle cycle) and it really has come out like new. So if you do want to rescue your dress after a shoot like this I do recommend checking the labels beforehand.”

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