Wastwater Couple Portrait Session

Laura and Martin are getting married at Irton Hall, just down the road from my favourite lake in the lake district, Wastwater. We met up at Irton Hall to talk through their upcoming wedding day and then headed towards the lake.

They're both a little camera shy, not that you can tell from this set of photos, so we talked about how things work like basic posing and how I work which is mainly about getting them to take the mick out of each other and to just do whatever they want to, which included, walking into the lake and rolling down a hill... Camera shy huh?!

Wastwater is perhaps the most awe-inspiring of all the lakes, in my humble opinion. Surrounded by the mountains, Red Pike, Kirk Fell, Great Gable and Scafell Pike – England’s highest mountain. Its also 3 miles long giving it an impressive feel. If you've never been, you really should go. It's wonderfully quiet and impressively enormous. The side of the lake is full of Screes, consisting of millions of fragments of broken rock and rising from the floor of the lake to a height of almost 2000 feet, giving the lake an ominous appearance.

Theyre both utterly in love with each other and I cannot wait to photograph their wedding day as its going to be amazing fun!

Check out the photos below and If you would like to have a couples portrait session with myself, or even have me photograph your big day, then please do get in touch.

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