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So, I get lots of emails from makeup artists, hairdressers, venues, florists etc lately asking for photos from weddings we’ve done together so I thought it might be helpful to put together a little post to you guys about all of this 🙂

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My couples don’t have the rights to give you use of the images for your business, because commercial use isn’t included in their package and I retain all the copyright as is UK copyright & Intellectual property law. So if you’d like to use my images to promote your business then you need to come to me so I can sort out the legal paperwork.

I want to be pretty open to this, but it’s not a free for all. Once they’re in one place without a credit they can spread, they find their way onto all sorts of places. They get filters applied to them, which spoils the look that I’ve worked really hard to achieve.

For use in print, advertising or to use online without a credit I charge £30 per image Or £20 each for 5 or more images.  I retain the copyright for the images and they still can’t be edited with filters etc.

But, I know that it’s hard being a small business and you may not have much of a budget for this sort of thing… I totally understand and I want to be able to support all you awesome businesses. Which is why I don’t charge a penny for the following uses.

For websites and blogs there must be a linked credit on the page on which the image is used and for social media, there should be a link to my page on whichever site that is. I don’t mind cropping but other than that please don’t edit the photo (Instagram filters, airbrushing, the dreaded spot colour etc) in any way.

Instagram: Joshua_Wyborn_Photographic

As long as the couple is happy with it, I’m happy for you to have your pick of the photos. Just let me know which ones you’re after!

Failure to comply with the above will result in an invoice for £250 per image used.

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