Lake DIstrict wedding Proposal celebrating by the lake

Wheatlands Lodge Windermere Proposal

A little while ago I got a text message from Mike, the co-owner with his wife, of Wheatlands Lodge in Winderemere asking if I could photograph a guest's wedding proposal. Thankfully I was available and so Mike introduced myself to Chris and we started to plan the proposal and the proposal photography together and how it could work on the day.

Being a small getaway to celebrate an anniversary we decided to let heather know that a couple shoot was going to happen under the idea of it would be a nice thing to do and to get some photos for their new house walls together.

Previously Heather and Chris had tried to enjoy a stay in the Lake District, but sadly for one reason or another, it didn't quite go to plan so this time Chris was adamant it was going to be perfect enlisting Mike and me to help make everything run so smoothly for them.

Heather and I met on Bumble in April 2020 a few days after her birthday in the first COVID lockdown. Our first few dates were over FaceTime so we got to know each other pretty well. We finally met at the end of May 2020. On the day we met, I also met Heather's mum and dad who came home early from a trip to see her brother. Met the whole team in one go - not scary at all.

Over the coming months, we went on cool dates - alpaca trekking, strawberry picking, pumpkin picking at Halloween etc. 

I asked her to move in with me in January of 2021 with a key hidden in a bunch of flowers which went down very well as you can imagine. Near the end of 2021, I decided to sell my house and we planned to get a house together. We moved into our home together in February 2022.

I knew heather was the one for me - so not long after that I made the decision I wanted to marry her. I took her dad out for dinner in May 2022 to ask for his blessing and then spent the next 4 months planning the proposal.


As you can see Heather said yes and we had an amazing time together both at the Wheatlands Lodge and down by the waterfront, another huge thank you to Mike for driving us down and back to the lodge!

If you would like to propose to your partner and would like it to be documented, then why not contact me? I'd love to help you plan, document and be a part of this special moment! Also, if you're looking for a small boutique stay in the heart of Winderemere then check out Wheatlands Lodge Luxury B&B.


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