The GDPR is all about your personal information and how it is used within a company. It means that I am to be wholeheartedly transparent in how I use the information gathered by my website and for my clients. Which all the documents you can see on the Document section (Legal stuff) on my website. HERE

In essence, it breaks down into these sections:

  1. The right to be informed.
  2. The right of access.
  3. The right to rectification.
  4. The right to erasure.
  5. The right to restrict processing.
  6. The right to data portability.
  7. The right to object.
  8. The right not to be subject to automated decision-making including profiling.

So what information do I use and keep?

In Short, Not much! The information I keep for prospective clients is very small and those who become my much loved here's how I work:

1. Upon enquiry, I use whichever contact information you wrote down to contact you about your day.

2. After 30 days, or if you decide I'm not for you then, your details are deleted from my system.

3. If you become my client, I take basic information about your self and spouse, like your names, address and details about your wedding day.

4. You are then lead to sign a contract, which is all done digitally. The only new addition to information here is I will be told your IP address, a typed name or use of your fingerprint recognition on your mobile or tablet.

5. Six weeks from your wedding date I will send a questionnaire to you about your day. This will include more questions about your day like timings and names of key people at your day. I want to do the best job I can after all, so it's really important stuff to know!

6. In this questionnaire will be questions about your suppliers, It's simply so I can tag them on social media and on your blog assuming you consent to your friends and family seeing your wedding photos online.

7. If you consent to it, I will share relevant images from your day to suppliers who ask for them.

8. I will use your address to send you your wedding album or digital USB.

So what does this mean for you?

In plain and simple English, and in reality of what I hold the above means that you have the right to ask for what personal information I have kept. You have the right to remove any information you wish. You have the right to object to the use of images online or for advertising.

If you wish to do any of the above, which is your right of course, you may make it more difficult for me to do my job itself. Im always open and transparent in everything I do and I only take information which aids me and my work, and therefore you and your wedding day and your experience.

Any questions, just fire them over to

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