Lake District Wedding Proposal Photography

Wedding Proposal at Buttermere with Fleetwith Pike and Haystacks in the background in the Lake District

Over the last few years, I've been photographing surprise proposals right here in the beautiful Lake District. There's something truly exhilarating about capturing that pivotal moment when someone drops to one knee. These authentic moments are what I live for as a photographer.

As a proposal photography specialist, I deeply understand the profound significance of this life-changing event. The Lake District, with its stunning beauty, provides a perfect backdrop for such an intimate moment. Being able to document the raw, unfiltered emotion of the proposal is not just a job; it's a privilege that I find genuinely rewarding. These shoots are more than just taking pictures; they're about capturing a narrative, the start of a new chapter in a couple's journey together.

Each proposal shoot brings a unique story of two people committing to each other, set against the dramatic landscapes of The Lake District in North West England. Whether it's the surprise on a partner's face or the joy that follows, these moments make proposal photography so unique. As the big day approaches, these images serve as a beautiful prelude to the wedding itself, capturing the essence of the couple's love and excitement for their future together.

Wedding proposal photography starts at £350. Keep reading to find out more or, feel free to contact me.

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How do you photograph a surprise proposal?

There's two main ways to photograph a marriage proposal. I'm also open to your ideas if these dont fit how you're planning to pop the question to your partner.




Couple Portrait



Not as much of a popular option but sometimes I am asked to photograph a more staged style engagement shoot recreation of a the proposal.

Whatever floats your boat, just let me know.

Now, this is, as it sounds... a Couple Portrait Session (some people call this a Engagement Shoot) but at some prearranged time I will back off a little so you can ask your partner for their hand in marriage or civil ceremony...

Whatever a proposal looks like to you and your relationship.

The first way to document your romantic lake district proposal is really simple and essentially a secret.

For example, if you're proposing in the grounds of a stunning lake district hotel, or on a location with panoramic views, I can chill out nearby being discrete and photograph the moment as it happens.

After this, we can then, have a Couple Portrait Session to celebrate.

How Much Does Proposal Photography Cost?

Bride & Groom to be

My pricing is very simple for my surprise proposal photography within Cumbria, and at a base rate for £350 per session. Obviously depending on your plans and wishes this price may change, but as a starting point, the fee will cover most proposal plans in The Lake District & Cumbria locations.

All of your final images will be available to download through your very own password-protected, private online gallery.

Wedding Proposals

Proposing to Windermere While Overlooking Windermere

Mike contacted me at the start of 2023 asking for help planning his proposal to his girlfriend, Windermere. Her parents loved lake Windermere so much that they named her after the lake. So after traveling all of the way from Australia to The Lake District to see the lake she was named after Mike dropped down onto one knee at this beautiful location and asked the question! Needless to say, it was a yes.

Wheatlands Lodge Windermere Proposal

A little while ago I got a text message from Mike, the co-owner with his wife, of Wheatlands Lodge in Windermere asking if I could photograph a guest's wedding proposal. Thankfully I was available and so Mike introduced me to Chris and we started to plan the proposal and the proposal photography together and how it could work on the day.

Being a small getaway to celebrate an anniversary Chris and I decided to let heather know that a couple shoot was going to happen under the idea of it would be a nice thing to do and to get some photos for their new house walls together. As you can see Heather said yes and we had an amazing time together both at the Wheatlands Lodge and down by the waterfront, another huge thank you to Mike for driving us down and back to the lodge!

From Singapore To A Cumbria Wedding Proposal

With only a few days' notice and frantic Instagram messages, I was asked to photograph Dionel's Cumbria wedding proposal to Thiviyah. They were on a mini-tour of the Uk, travelling from Singapore, meeting old friends and, unknown to Thiviyah, hopefully about to be engaged!

We originally were planning to head into the Lake District, but when the friendship group who were all on a joint holiday saw what amazing landscape was around their accommodation in Edenhall, we quickly changed plans again to make it even more special and intimate. A guaranteed way only those in the loop would be present to witness the proposal, which had a rather hilarious twist of fate about picking up the wrong box!

A Storrs Hall Daytime Wedding Proposal

I have known Calvin for quite a while now, we both attended the same uni in Carlisle, and while I didn't meet him there, we did work alongside each other when I was a sound engineer. We've kept in touch a little bit with the powers of social media, and I have always enjoyed watching him grow in his trade while working on board ships around the world.

In November last year, he slipped into my inbox asking if I could photograph his proposal to Becka. Of course, I could! We fixed a date, made a plan for Storrs Hall, and that was that! About six months later, the big day was here, and my word, the Storrs Hall Team smashed it!

While Calvin and Becka were dining in the restaurant, the pavilion was being set up alongside me in the reception area, chatting away to the staff, keeping an eye on the couple's movements and plans until the moment happened. As they walked away, I followed behind to capture an old mate proposing to his now wife-to-be!

Lake District Proposal On A Ullswater Jetty

A little while ago Chris emailed me asking if I could photograph his Lake District proposal to Emma at The Inn On The Lake. We had planned it all for the 2nd of march but with the weather being so amazing on the 1st of March, after a few quick emails I threw everything in my car (having only just gotten home from a previous shoot in the lakes) and headed out to Ullswater.

The timing couldn't have been more perfect. Not just because of the weather but when I showed up at the Inn On The Lake I bumped into Chris in the lobby as he was heading to the car to get a bottle of bubbles and glasses. After a quick intro, I headed out towards Ullswater, one of the classically gorgeous lakes which also has the steamers on.

Emma was sat lakeside waiting for Chris as I was trying to act cool and like a nobody, I started walking around taking photos of the lake and Place Fell while also keeping an eye out for Chris's return for his surprise marriage proposal. 

I saw Chris walking towards the lake as I slowly started walking over to the Jetty as Emma & Chris were walking hand in hand down the jetty's edge. I won't lie, I was expecting a "Yes" but I was very excited and nervous for Chris as he pop the question in the special moment with the incredible panoramic views that surround Ullswater and the national park.

After Emma said yes we had a great small couples shoot around the hotel grounds overlooking the lake at this fab location. Honestly though, what a gorgeous start to spring! Utterly incredible setting sun over the lake district made the perfect setting for Emma to say YES

A Raining Proposal At Grasmere

Rob contacted me a few weeks before his and Emma's holiday in the lakes about photographing his proposal. After some emails and WhatsApp, we ended up with a plan for the proposal to happen at Grasmere, as they were staying nearby.

Rob and Emma walked around Rydal to see the caves and planned to then head round to Grasmere. As usual, I had asked Rob, the one doing the proposing, to put his live location on his phone for me. As I walked to the location, I could see they were gaining on me, so I had to quickl step it to the location.

Once there, I pretended to take landscape photos while Rob and Emma walked nearby. As they approached and were trying to take a selfie, I offered to take a photo for them… little did Emma know that and I had been chatting for a few weeks about this surprise proposal.

It was rather damp, to say the least, with the Lake District showing off how it fills the lakes. But that only added to the romance and mood as these two beauts totally embraced it!

Wedding Proposal Location Ideas

Where is the Perfect Location To Pop The Question In The Lake District?

Well, I'm biased but I think The Lake District is utterly stunning and you can't go far wrong for proposal locations! But there are a few things to think about when it comes to the photos themselves. For example, while it maybe amazing to hike a fell, will your partner appreciate getting hot and sweaty on a hike to then be surprised by a proposal and a photo shoot? They might not care, a lot of my clients don't, but your partner might. it's all about what works for you both. 

Here are just a few ideas about perfect and beautiful locations where you could ask your partner to team up for life.

At One of Cumbria's amazing Hotels?

Storrs Hall, Inn On the Lake, Lodore Falls, Broadoaks Country House Hotel to name a few.

At the Beach?

St. Bees, Arnside, Allonby? I mean, who doesn't love an evening beach walk with some ice creams?!

On a boat?

Hire a boat on Derwent water or take a trip on the historic Ullswater steamers.

A waterfall (Force)?

Aira Force, Skelwith Force, Stanley Ghyll Force, Moss force, Rydal Falls.

On top of a Fell?

Hallin Fell, is a great small fell above Ullswater with stunning views and windy roads nearby. Catbells, surprise view or Latrigg Fell overlooking Derwent Water. Rannerdale Knotts in spring is covered in incredible bluebells and overlooks Crummock Water. All of these are rather easy climbs with stunning views! However, there's hundred of hills to choose from and if you're adventurous and fancy a bigger one? Why not?!


Claife Viewing Station on Windermere, Friar’s Crag on Derwent Water, Buttermere, Grasmere, Rydal Caves, Crummock Water?... I mean it's called The Lake District for a reason! There's plenty to choose from.


Muncaster Castle, Wray Castle, Lowther Castle, Kendal Castle or Brough Castle.

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