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A little while ago I started showing small behind-the-scenes photos from real life on my phone Vs what I see and how I use Off-camera flash and the like to create the work that I do on my Facebook page.

I decided it would also be cool to have them all in one place on my website so here we go!

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Taken at The Roundthorn Country House Penrith.

1x AD200 flash Behind couple pointing up to the ceiling of the porch with Full CTO Gel. 1x AD200 Camera left full CTO (to balance the tone) + Magsnoot.

Taken at Storrs Hall on the shores of Windermere.

AD200 Backlight with Teal Gel at full power. Camera right is a AD200 half power with a MagSnoot pointed at couple.

Taken at Storrs Hall.

AD200 Full Power with MagBeam with a pattern GOBO + Teal Gel behind the couple. Camera Right is an AD200 with a MagSnoot pointed towards the couple.

Taken at Skitby House

Behind couple: Ad200 with blue Gel + MagSphere. Camera Right: AD200 with Half CTO Gel + Maggrid.

Taken at The Inn On The Lake on the shores of ullswater.

One flash gun full power behind the couple with another behind the tree at an angle to the couple to help show definition.

Taken at Irton Hall

AD200 half power with Blue Gell pointed at the water feature. With another at the same power, CTO Gel + Grid pointed at the couple.

Somewhere in a field in the Cotswolds...

Backlight: MagGrid + MagSphere + Full CTO
Camera Right: MagSnoot
Camera Left: Double MagGrid.

Rear fog: Atmosphere Aerosol
Front fog: Nivia for Men Cool Kick Deodorant...

The ladder was used for an alternative car shot as well.

A Golf Course in Cumbria.

Two AD200 full power behind the couple. One with mag lens wide-angle, one bare flash, both pointed at couple.

The second photographer is hidden behind the small hill with a smoke can.

I wanted to show off the paper lanterns that these guys put up and loved but ideally in a way that showed some depth rather than a flat light, so I used a gobo on my flash to scatter the light around the room and some atmosphere aerosol to show that scatter even more whilst maintaining a good silhouette of Sarah & Craig... I think it worked!

The Halston new garden is awesome and as soon as I saw these gates I knew I had to do something!

2x AD200 with Maggel behind each gate about 10 feet away one with red and one with blue. pointed at the middle of each gate. The camera right was a speedlight with a Magsnoot for the front fill light.

For the reflection, I got a bucket of water and poured it onto the ground.

So, this was taken at Knipe hall on the driveway, at 9 pm in total darkness. As I couldn't do what you see... of pitch black I took a photo on my phone and that's what the above is of.

Below is a three-light setup with the rear light using a wide-angle MagBeam with a blue Gel.
I decided to use two speedlights on the floor with Full CTO Gels on to light up the trees in the middle. leaving some room on the closet tree to me to get some hints of blue as well.

Taken at The Inn On The Lake, in December, at about 8:30 PM.

One light behind the tree with a MagBeam on it to cover the whole tree with a backlight. One light behind the couple highlights them even more

Up a very very wet Martindale overlooking Ullswater. I wanted the rain to come through in the images which is best done with a backlight so took my AD200 flash at full power positioning it behind the couple about 12 ft away from them (the only flat bit where the flash didn't fall over).

Some string lights in the woodland area of the venue.

Ad200 with Magbeam and a blue gel, with atmosphere aerosol behind. Ad200 with a grid and a 1/2 CTO gel on the front right behind a tree.

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