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Elegant Floral Storrs Hall Wedding


Being in my seventeenth year and one of 15 children in a family of 17 I have been to quiet a few weddings in my family and seen hundreds of beautiful wedding photographs but they don’t come anywhere near the shear beauty and excellent quality of your photographs of my sons wedding,you are a genius at your job and I cannot thank you enough for lasting memories I will have of my sons wedding for the rest of my life.Thank you so much,Bev Worth.

Joshua Wyborn


Thank you so much for your kind words Bev! It was wonderful meeting you all!

I think Bev said it all! What fabulous images, makes me feel all emotional just going through them?plus you’re a cheeky chappie and made us all feel comfortable and relaxed. Thank you so much! Lucy.

Joshua Wyborn

Aww thank you! 🙂 nout wrong with cheeky 🙂

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