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Understanding Your Client Gallery

Technology is rather amazing. Well, your client gallery is also rather amazing and uses as much tech as I can currently get my hands on. From simple downloads to designing your own wedding album in your own time, your gallery has it all!

Rest assured, the creators of your online gallery (Pic-Time) have your back. They've provided a collection of helpful videos that guide you through every aspect of using your gallery. And I'll be here, keeping this page updated, in case you need to revisit any of the steps.

I've covered this extensively in another blog post for those wondering where to print your digital wedding photographs. You'll find valuable insights from exploring various printing services to understanding quality differences. Be sure to read Where to Print Your Digital Wedding Photographs for detailed comparisons and recommendations.

It's no surprise that I highly recommend the printers I use through your gallery. These are top-notch, professional printing labs and the images in your gallery are specifically calibrated for their printers, ensuring that what you see on screen is exactly what you'll get in print. It's a guarantee of quality and consistency. 

You're also guaranteed quality, and if (yet to happen) you do not get the quality you're seeking, contact me, and I'll sort it out ASAP for you. Unfortunately, if you print elsewhere, I am not in control of their quality.

  1. How To Navigate Your Gallery
  2. How To Download Your Photos
  3. How To Share The Gallery With Friends & Family
  4. How To Order A Print
  5. How To Order A Framed Print
  6. How To Create Your Own Album
  7. For Photographers
    1. Why Pic-Time is the Perfect Choice for Professional Photographers
    2. Special Offer for Readers

How To Download Your Photos

How To Order A Print

How To Order A Framed Print

How To Create Your Own Album

For Photographers

Why Pic-Time is the Perfect Choice for Professional Photographers

For photographers looking to elevate their client gallery experience, Pic-Time offers an exceptional platform. With beautifully designed galleries, advanced marketing tools, and seamless e-commerce integration, Pic-Time enhances both the photographer's workflow and client satisfaction.

Key Features:

  1. Stunning Galleries: Create visually appealing galleries with customizable photo grids, video, and GIF integration to enhance storytelling and branding.
  2. Mobile Friendly: Quick-loading galleries allow clients to share, shop, and download images on the go.
  3. AI Search: An interactive search bar enables clients to easily find their favourite moments.
  4. Print Store: Offer clients a variety of high-quality printed products directly from their galleries.

Switching to Pic-Time is hassle-free with their migration service, and their robust CRM integrations ensure streamlined client management. For photographers seeking to enhance their client interactions and increase sales, Pic-Time is an invaluable tool. Start exploring Pic-Time here.

Special Offer for Readers

By using the affiliate link provided above, you can get a free month of Pic-Time’s services. This exclusive offer not only supports our blog but also gives you a chance to experience all the premium features Pic-Time has to offer at no initial cost. Take advantage of this opportunity and see how Pic-Time can transform your photography business.


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