Lesser Known Things About Me

I Love Music

I used to be a sound engineer, working alongside some huge names and a lot of stand up comics.

Also, I used to play bass guitar in bands. Sometimes I get to play bass now but not often as I would like. I'm working on doing that more…


Don't have one anymore sadly as I live in the town centre but I love motorbikes and as soon as I have a house with a driveway I’m getting one again.

Laughing Is The Best

As much as I will probably die from being sarcastic at the wrong time, I am an absolute sucker for slapstick… Gif wars and Memes.

I Used To Paint

Photography was typically the basis of my paintings while at school and college. I used to paint huge! This one is 9ft by 4ft6! I think its still on my college stairway... 12 years on!

Absolute GEEK!

The first website I built was when I was 10 years old. It was stored on a floppy disk and was about the Looney Toons! We were only asked to make an interactive word document… ;)

My Office Assistant

As cute as she is she's fairly useless at the admin side of life so.. Looks like I still have to do it all!


Want To Know More?

What happens when you mix a Fine Art landscape photographer, Street photographer and a BBC photojournalist into a wedding?

Well, you get me.

I started my love of photography by photographing the landscape around me. Norfolk is where I grew up and that was what a lot of my artwork was based upon. I used to create paintings based off my photos until I started to see my photos as art themselves. I also started walking about my nearby town with my camera in hand in the streets snapping away at people looking at buildings in new ways following the light as it falls down the high street.

I was addicted to the polar opposites of the world I lived in. The beautiful Fine Art Landscapes that people wanted on their walls and the chilling real-life depiction of street photography. I adored photographing real life as brutally honest as I could. Well, as honest as a 13-year-old could do.

I posted my photos on Myspace (remember that?) Bebo (what a time to be alive) and Flickr. From Flickr, I started making local connections to photographers and even started to create Pop up Art galleries in Norwich city centre where my landscapes were on show. It’s also where I first sold a print. That feeling will never leave me.

This grew over time and when I was 15 I took on my first paid commission for a motorbiker who travels all over the world. I commissioned me to photograph landscapes all along the Norfolk coast. It was then that I realised that I could just about be onto something.

At college, I studied fine art and my best results were in photography, which again was half of my work the other half was paintings. When it came to university, I chose Carlisle because of the incredible landscape.

While at uni I travelled around on my motorbike taking photos all the time every day. If I wasn’t out and about I was in the town centre taking thousands of photos of passers-by. In the 2009 Carlisle floods, I was asked by the BBC to document what was happening which was an amazing experience. I carried on to work with them for a few years on and off when something was happening up this way.

I adore photographing the real aspects of a wedding day in gorgeous ways. I have no issues showing how the day really is. The tears, the laughs, the crazy bridesmaid doing something undignified or everyone having shots. I just love that! I also love photographing stunning couple photographs full of adventure!

I think it’s the perfect mix, a true representation of your day plus some stunning couple portraits to go on your wall.

With all of this, I also have a love of music which was me learning the bass guitar. I was playing in pubs with my classmates from the age of 14 and while at university I really got into the “Sound Guy” aspect of it all. This saw me joining local crews, doing small tours, and working on incredible shows. In fact, most panel shows you watch with comedians… I’ve probably worked with them alongside some rather cool names at festivals.