Joshua Wyborn Standing in Skye on cliff edge

About Me

Imagine What happens when you throw together a Fine Art landscape photographer, a Street photographer, and a BBC photojournalist at a wedding? Well, that mix is me.

As a wedding photographer, I'm all about capturing the real moments—the tears, laughter and shared joyous shots. It's the genuine, unfiltered vibe of the day that I cherish. But I also love creating stunning couple portraits full of adventure—a mix that truly captures your special day.

Beyond photography, I'm a music lover, from enjoying albums on hi-fi to live gigs and playing bass guitar since age 14. During uni, I dived into sound engineering, joining local crews, going on small tours, and working on incredible shows, including many with famous comedians at festivals.

You can also usually find me outside hiking with my dog Lenny or building something, as I love DIY. In fact, during lockdowns, I turned into a handyman.

Am I The Right Photographer For You?

Want To Know More?

My journey into photography kicked off with snapping the landscapes of my hometown, Kings Lynn, Norfolk. From painting scenes, I soon saw the artistry in my photos themselves. Armed with a camera, I strolled through the streets and down the high street, seeing buildings and people differently.

I loved the contrast between the calm beauty of Fine Art Landscapes and the honest, real vibe of street photography. I tried to capture life's truths as authentically as a 13-year-old could.

My early photos found a home on platforms like Myspace, Bebo (those were the days!), and Flickr. Building connections, I even set up Pop-up Art galleries in Norwich, where my landscapes took the spotlight, and I sold my first print—something I'll never forget.

At 15, I landed my first paid gig, photographing landscapes along the Norfolk coast for a globetrotting motorbiker, Nick Sanders (he has multiple world records for push and motorbikes). That's when it hit me—I might be onto something here.

I studied fine art in college, where I experimented with painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, graphic design, and anything arty I could get my hands on. Finding my knack in photography, I then studied at Carlisle Uni for the jaw-dropping landscape of the Lake District and Scottish borders. Uni life was a mix of daily motorbike adventures, snapping moments on the go, and even documenting the 2009 Carlisle floods for the BBC alongside other events all over the UK.

My journey is about telling stories through visuals, exploring art, and capturing life's best moments—making every wedding an unforgettable, artistic experience.