Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find many of the most common questions I get asked. However, if there’s a question that’s not below and you would like an answer, then just contact me and I will be happy to answer it for you.

My style is simple, I want to create gorgeous timeless photographs that future generations will adore whilst remaining true to you as a couple. I short I want to show your wedding day with honest authentic documentary and stunning fine art portraits.

You can also fine out more about me on the below useful links such as Wedding TipsHow Wedding Photography Works & What To Expect.

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Do you instruct for posing? I’m kind of awkward/unphotogenic.

Most of us are not models, and most of us art really sure what to do inferno of the camera. I can promise you, every couple you see on my website has said the same thing. I give you a basic pose and let you guys go from there. It is more fun and informal than you may think. If you’re really unsure about being in front of the camera, then maybe a couple portrait session is a good start? It is here that we get rid off all your nerves and start to rock your posing! You can also see my posing guide on this link!

How long will it take to get my photos?

4 to 8 weeks is the national average to wait for your photos. My workflow, however, means that I like to finish your wedding before I photograph the next. It’s also why I only photograph 35 weddings a year to keep productivity up. I never actually state how long it should be, but in short, it takes as long as it takes the creative process to happen. Typically though most couples get their photos from me within 4 weeks.

How do you prefer to communicate?

I use everything available to me to keep in touch; email, phone, text, Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram. However, if it’s for something important that I might need to reference for your wedding, email is my preferred way of communication.

Am I allowed to print the photos that you deliver to me?

Of course, you can! You get full-res photos! Easily good enough for a 3 ft by 2 ft print. If you want to go HUGE then it may need to tech know-how to print it that big but just get in touch and I’ll do what I can.

Sadly I'm not in control of the quality of the prints if you print your own, if you print from me then they will be the best they can be! If you want to know more you can do on this link all about printing your own wedding photos!

How do I book a date?

Get in touch by my contact page! We will then talk about what you want and how we can make that work. I’ll then send you an online quote which includes the contract and booking fee payment details. Once that’s done. Your date is secure!

What kind of equipment do you use?

Currently, I use a Canon Eos R3 system alongside PiXAPRO lighting systems.

How much retouching do you do?

Every image will be colour-corrected and edited to my photographic style that lasts generations. I want your photos to look as stunning and classy in 50 years as they do now. As for Body reshaping, spot removal etc? It’s hard no from me. You’re stunning as you are and your partner will agree.

Do you work with a second shooter?

Not always but if you would like one then we can add that. You can see this blog about why an additional photographer is a great way to add to your wedding day!

Are you able to shoot at night or in dark situations?

I am. It’s what separates professionals and Hobbyists. Some of my portraits are taken in the pitch black. Thankfully knowledge of Off-Camera Flash makes the magic happen and we get jaw-dropping photographs. It takes a little while to set up compared to gorgeous daylight photographs but I think its worth it!

How long have you been doing this?

My first wedding was in 2012 when I photographed a university classmates wedding. They wanted no posing and 100% documentary photographs. It was amazing and totally lit a fire in me for wedding photography.

I’m not sure I want an engagement session?

That’s not a problem, engagement sessions are not included and not forced upon you. They’re an additional extra. As said above they can help if you have nerves and might be worth it if you’re a little camera shy.

Do you deliver RAW files?

I shoot and edit every wedding in RAW to ensure the maximum amount of exposure and colour information is available for my editing. However, I deliver edited and finished high-resolution JPEG files and do not include RAW files with my weddings. Its kinda like asking a cake maker for raw ingredients rather than the cake itself.

Do I own the copyright to my photos once you deliver them to me?

As the content creator, under UK copyright law I am the copyright owner of the images. However, you have the freedom to share, print, scrapbook, and use your images for personal use however you see fit. I do not watermark my images and you’re free to print them at your lab of choice if you decide not to use the professional print lab included with your online galleries.

What you can’t do is provide them to any sort of commercial entity for commercial use, so if your wedding venue or makeup artist contacts you about using my artwork to promote their business, just send them my way and I would be happy to work out a usage agreement.

Will my photos show up on your website?

It’s important for me to show my current work, as you’re already on my website you will be able to see all of my blogs and shoots which shows the style your wedding would be shown on my website. In the initial contract, you have the choice to be not the website or not. However, it means a lot to me if I can show your amazing photographs on mew website and social media. After all, its how you found me!

Any general tips?

Loads, Click here to check out my wedding tips section on my blog!

How do I get my photos after?

Every wedding I photograph gets an online password-protected gallery with full High res photographs on. You can download and print them from here if you wish. You can even design albums via it!

Are you insured?

Yes. I am fully insured with both equipment insurance and liability insurance. If your venue needs to see my certificates, just let me know and I’ll email them over.

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes, I always carry extra kit with me. I also always have two cameras on me.

What is your backup policy for photos?

Your photographs once on my computer go onto a server, which instantly duplicates your images across 4 Hard drives. At night time they are also sent to my parents’ house which has another server for back up. This means that even if my house burnt down your photos are safe!

Is your coverage consecutive?

Yes. If you order 12 hours of coverage, this would be, for example, 9 am till 9 pm. Or however, you see fit.

What if the wedding runs late, can I ask you to stay late?

Of course, you can! I’m sure it will run smoothly but we can sort that out on the day.

How far in advance should I book?

I have some clients who book 2 years in advance, some 6 weeks. I always say to book ASAP. The further in advance you book the more likely I will be available on your chosen date.

Can you shoot in the rain or bad weather?

I sure can! I love the rain and some darkness for some amazing mood shots. With the weather and being in Cumbria, it is more about if you want to get your dress/suits wet or take a brolly or whatever! In short, if your game for it. I am.

What happens if you get sick or injured?

As said before I have photographed a wedding whilst recovering from a Dislocated knee. I also have wide network of wedding photographers who I can call upon should I need to. Don’t worry I wouldn’t leave you with no photographer.

How many images are included with your coverage?

It honestly depends on how manic your wedding is. If there’s a lot going on with a second shooter as well there will be more than if it is just me and everyone is having coffee and catching up on old times. I will, however, promise you that the essence of your day will be captured and you will get amazing photos!

Quality not quantity.

Will you block my guests’ view on the wedding day?

Whilst I am a large guy at 6ft4. I do try to be as ninja-like as possible. I work with other suppliers to make sure that I am as least intrusive as possible.

Have you worked with videographers?

Sure have, I have no issues with videographers at all. At the start of the day, we usually have a chat if we have not worked together before.

Do you take any breaks on the wedding day?

I do but only when not much is happening or I’m absolutely gasping for a drink. Some weddings I can walk over 10 miles around a venue and up and down stairs etc. Keeping up concentration for long periods of time can get tiring and so if you see me having a glass of water you know why. I also stop when you’re eating as well… No one looks good while they’re eating.

Do I need to provide dinner?

6 weeks before your wedding date I send a questionnaire out to you in there it asks if I’m being catered for. I never demand it and it is not in the contract that I am to be served but it does help if I am. All I ask is if you let me know if I am or not catered for so I know if I need to pack Nutella sarnies or not.

Can we go to multiple photo locations on my wedding day?

If we have the time to do so yeah! If you ant multiple locations, have a think about your wedding timeline. We can always do a post-wedding portrait session after your wedding day too if you want!

Do you shoot destination weddings?

I sure do! I adore to travel and see the world.

Do you shoot elopements or only full weddings?

I adore elopements! A quick search of my website you see a lot about elopements. Feel free to contact me about your elopement photography.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept bank transfer and credit cards. You can pay a booking fee and the remainder 30 days before your wedding day or a booking fee and the remainder split up monthly till 30 days before your wedding day.

What do you wear to a wedding?

I always like to be smart, who doesn’t? Typically, a shirt smart trousers bow tie and a nice jumper if it is a winter wedding.

Do you shoot formal and family photos too?

I do! However, I limit them to 10. They can take 5 minutes each and that’s almost an hour of your day gone! So use it wisely and keep it to VIP’s so that everyone can get to the bar and enjoy each others company more.

Do you work off shot lists?

While I work with every couple to know what is important to you I do not work on a shot list. You’re hiring me for me and my crazy brain of creativity. Working off a shot list just makes me a copy cat and means your photographs are not unique or true to you!

Am I allowed to put my photos online?

Of course! I know as well as anyone that the main way people like to share their images these days is online ( But you should 100% get some physical prints made!!! ). I only ask that anywhere that you share my images that you would credit or tag me or my website to provide credit for the artwork I’ve created and that if uploading to a service like Instagram that you would not apply filters overtop the carefully crafted edits I have provided for you.

How far in the future are you willing to book?

As long as the venue is 100% booked then I’m happy to talk about and book your wedding date.