My Photo While at Bridal Prep of fathers first look at his daughter in her wedding dress

Why You Should Add An Additional Photographer For Your Wedding?

So your wedding is upcoming, and you're wondering about adding an additional photographer to your wedding days photography. Below are just a few reasons why I would recommend an additional photographer, sometimes called a "Second Shooter".

1. Two locations

Needless to say, if you would like the groom preparations getting photographed as well as the bridal preparations, two photographers are going to be needed. Sadly I can't be in two places at the same time. It also means that you both get to see what happened while you weren't together before your wedding, including the nerves and the chaos.

It also means that while we're off getting some incredible couple photographs, all of your guests will still be getting their photos taken with whatever antics they're up to! Again meaning you get to see events of your day that you weren't necessarily present for.

2. Two angles.

Having two photographers means we can be in multiple positions throughout your day. This is especially important for strict church weddings where movement is prohibited. It means we can document more while staying within the rules of your ceremony officiant. During your speeches, it means I can focus on the top tables reactions to the speeches as the second photographer gets the responses from your guests.

3. Arts sake.

Having two photographers also frees me up to get a more artistic photograph knowing that the "safe" photograph is being taken. Don't get me wrong I will always try to be as creative as possible, but it is a balancing act between being safe and guaranteeing a shot or being creative and creating a more artistic photograph.

There are many factors which contribute to this balancing act and when I will go for safe over creative. But with a second photographer, I will mainly stay on the creative side of the fence trying to push myself as much as I can to document your wedding day creatively.

4. Able to photograph more people

With two photographers we can photograph more people more often resulting in more chances of a fantastic photograph of your guests.

With weddings of over 120 people I highly recommend an additional photographer for this reason. It means I can focus on you guys and the other photographer on guests who may be in the background of your reception while I'm photographing the carnage on the dance floor or again while we're out taking some portraits.

Family Formal wedding photograph at the Daffodil Hotel in The Lake District

5. Organise.

Having an additional photographer does help me organise your day and for me to be even more efficient whether that's helping me organise your family formal photographs quicker. Or it's merely moving my bags and kit to where they're needed to be. Sometimes it is setting up lighting stands for the evening reception while I have been called away for a photograph or I am maybe talking to the wedding coordinator about what's happening next, or even problem solving with them.

On an average wedding day, I can walk about 10 miles while carrying two heavy cameras and lights. While I'm in the zone, it is easy to forget to drink regularly. Believe it or not, but my most trusted additional photographers can tell the signs of when I need a drink, and they will get me one. While this may sound diva-ish is has a noticeable impact on my energy levels.

Bride and Groom Bathed in Light on Front of House at Storrs Hall Wedding

So in short, adding an additional photographer to your wedding will make it run smoother, increase the number of photographs you receive and increase how creative the photographs will be.


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