Couple stood on Boat house pier in the lake district as they elope at cragwood country house hotel

7 Reasons to Elope

Eloping is crazily romantic, and it is becoming a more and more popular way to tie the knot instead of having a big shindig wedding day. In the UK more than 3,000 couples elope every year, be that in the UK in the fantastic lake district, the classic Gretna green, or they fly away to say their vows.

The traditional meaning of elopement is to run away and to get married in secrecy, typically on a snap decision. In modern times while this does happen, is quite rare, and I believe the contemporary meaning of elopement is to forgo a formal and expensive wedding, focusing on yourselves and your relationship alone. Most elopements I photograph have been planned for months, even years with parents already knowing about the wedding day, just not necessarily being invited.

It can be a big and bold decision to buck tradition and elope, but there are some amazingly positive reasons to do so below.

Eloping Couple stood at edge of a lake on their elopement adventure

Photo from Jade & David's Merewood Country House Hotel Elopement

7 Reasons you may wish to elope?

1. Save Money

With the average wedding in the UK now costing around £30,000 a wedding day is not cheap and if you would rather use that money towards a deposit on a house or raising a family etc. Then eloping can save you a fortune! 

This average cost is across all UK weddings that have cost £1,000 all way up to the millionaires' weddings, which probably cost more than my house.

It's easy to see how a small intimate elopement can save you thousands, helping your saving dreams come true while also getting legally married.

2. Avoid family politics.

By this, I don't necessarily mean that the two families don't get on. But we all have family politics that can affect our plans. For example, it could be that your families live far away and trying to decide on a venue location that helps both is a tricky task? Or it may be that simply you can't afford to invite everyone and by not asking somebody it is going to cause drama, even if you've not seen uncle bob in 20 years…

Merely avoiding them all can make everyone equally happy for you and what you've decided to elope.

couple who eloped stood on top of Land Rover in a elopement wedding portrait

Photo from Nic & Jo's Gretna Green Elopement 17 years in the making

3. A traditional wedding doesn't make sense to you.

Tradition is a funny thing; over time, it changes. For example, how a lot of churches don't have the father "giving away" the bride, but it still does happen here and there. If you're not a fan of the traditional aspects of a wedding and want to do your own thing. Then an elopement is perfect for you as you can basically do anything you want!

4. Not a fan of planning?

Weddings take a lot of planning, while this can be fun if you're like Monica from Friends, if you're a normal person this can be mega stressful and just not needed in your life! Again, an elopement while it does require some level of planning it is on a much smaller scale and totally bespoke to you and your future partners wants and needs.

Photo from Nic & Jo's Gretna Green Elopement 17 years in the making

5. Hate being the centre of attention?

You may simply not like being in the spotlight and having everyone look at you all day, that is understandable and cool! You don't need to be the centre of attention for 100's of people to gawk at to get married; you just need you two! You may simply want it to be about you and your relationship, not a big party.

6. It might be your second wedding.

Have you had a big wedding day before? It might be your second marriage for whatever reasons, you've done the big wedding day and all the traditional stuff that goes with it. This time it is all about the love between you and your future partner. It's as simple as that.

Ceremony of a couple who are Eloping in the Lake district at a Just Us wedding at the Cragwood Country House Hotel

Photo from Sarah & David's Just Us Wedding At The Cragwood Country House Hotel

7. Something is amazing about a shared secret.

The time between getting married and telling everyone can be a shared secret. Something really special. Nobody knows besides you both, and that can be something to enjoy and cherish until you're ready to tell everyone you know about your amazingly happy news.

Walking through the woodland for elopement by Joshua Wyborn photographic

Photo from Catherine & Rory's 3805 Mile Elopement on Hadrians Wall

These are only just a few of many reasons why you may wish to elope for your wedding ceremony. If you like some of the reasons above made then please do consider having an elopement and creating a very special day for the two of you. You may wish to check out my blog on the Legalities of elopements.

I adore photographing elopements and the personality they bring so if you would like to see more of my elopement wedding photography then please do have a look at my portfolio and feel free to contact me!


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