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Wedding Planning & How To Make A Wedding Budget

Your wedding day is probably going to be the biggest party you will ever throw, if it isn’t.. then.. we need to be friends! As with everything it’s easy to say you’re going to stick to a wedding budget, even swearing by your Pinterest DIY boards & your wedding planner.

However, wedding budgeting, with venue costs and a catering bill to pay for you may end up spending more than you thought you would. Trust me, I’ve been there I know exactly what you’re thinking and worrying about when it comes to your wedding and the wedding budget, but it is possible and easier than you think to keep track of everything and save for it as well. You just need a little organisation.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, getting married is cheap, honestly, it costs £50. ( Having a wedding isn’t necessarily cheap with the national average wedding budget costing £27,000!

I have taken information from 6 of the top UK wedding blogs that have data about average costs (all different, go figure) and figured out the true average of them all. Right at the bottom is a wedding budget calculator with all the UK average wedding spends. So you can see what others spent with the same budget as you. It will even tell you how much spare cash you will have to spend on the things you have prioritised.

Its really important to know how much you can save, know how much you can realistically afford, and to know what you should budget for. There are hundreds of wedding pages on the internet to help you get some budget items second hand for your wedding decoration. Or maybe your venue supplies it all for you making your day even easier to organise.

The Ultimate Cumbria Wedding Planner Guide

Let's talk wedding guest numbers for a moment!

Wedding guest numbers have a huge impact on the cost of your wedding. When looking at things like room hire and wedding venues, it will be helpful to find out if they have any minimum guest number requirements, or if selling wedding venue accommodation to your guests is something you should include in your budget. This is a popular approach by wedding venues that couples planning a wedding are not always familiar about. Number of guests will also impact catering costs, and the size of your bridal party will have an impact on the cost of a florist.

#insidertip - Keep your flowers seasonal! Having your favourite flower imported from Holland isn't cheap, so keeping to a range of flowers that are seasonally available will really help keep your florist costs down.

Creating a list of priority wedding suppliers, like a wedding photographer ;-), caterer, grooms sit hire and transport will help you list out all your essentials, and be useful to use alongside your wedding budget tracker. A budget list will help keep you focussed on saving for your chosen wedding essentials, and a secondary list can be created of wedding services that would be 'nice to have', but not essential. This will help keep you keep track of your wedding costs, and planning in advance what are a priority and non-essentials will help make decisions easier further along the line as you get closer to your target. 

#insidertip - You can create your own planning tools for your wedding budget tracker by creating a spreadsheet within Word Excel or Google Sheets. If you have a Google account, Google sheets is a free tool, that is very similar to excel. Again this will help you not pay for other planning tools and save even more money!

Little changes make a BIG impact.

Save: have a lifestyle detox!

Like anything, big numbers may seem impossible but use the wedding budget calculator below to help break it down into smaller chunks. You may be surprised just how much you could save over two years just by not enjoying your favourite take away once a week. Saving only £20 a week for a year will land you £1,040!

I have known some people to take this to the extreme in a true lifestyle detox! They sold one of their cars after realising he could just cycle to work… which then meant he could stop paying for the gym that he never actually went to!

It’s a fantastic time to look at what your monthly spends are and cutting back on the things you don’t use, like that TV subscription when you only use half of the TV channels?! I’m not talking about affecting your healthy lifestyle and you shouldn’t go to that extreme but look at the magazine subscriptions you have that you never actually read or the data plan on your phone that you never even get halfway to the limit?

Even if you save £10 per bill per month, that’s £120 a year! Keep that up with all of your bills and both of you will be better off for it! If you both of you managed to get 5 monthly bills down by £10 each. That will save you a huge £1,200 a year! On top of your pizza savings, that’s £2,240 for no real work at all! Impressive.

Get creative: What skills are you hiding?

You can also get creative, what skills are you hiding? is there a way you can earn some extra cash? A way that you would enjoy, not just overtime at the day job, although… there is nothing wrong with simply working some overtime to help save! I sure did when I was getting married and I had a day job.

I have seen brides set up Etsy shops and sell their crafts and I have seen grooms help neighbours with the gardening and general DIY. It’s a cool thing to think about for sure! Or what about just getting rid of all the rubbish you’re hoarding? Take it to a car boot! Ka-ching!

Head to the wedding budget calculator

Go the traditional way

A more traditional method, and at one point in time the “norm” would be for parents, typically the bride’s parents, to fund the wedding. That’s why traditional invites mention the bride’s parents and how they wish to invite you to the marriage of their daughter.

This I believe is becoming less and less of a tradition, probably because the average costs of a wedding is going up and up! That said, parents, friends and others who do wish to help you may decide to help with a lump sum of cash or to pay for things on your behalf.

A small warning with this though, and it’s rare that it happens, but sometimes it can cause arguments. Sadly to say I have witnessed arguments between family members which has caused even more stress to the day because that person was adamant on using certain wedding suppliers or a certain item when the couple themselves wanted something different.

Like I say it’s rare, but a possibility that doing this may open up a world of joy you never knew you wanted. As long as everyone has you guys at heart and your wishes then I’m sure you will be grand!

Take me to the wedding budget calculator!

Like the idea of monthly payments?
Me too, but be careful.

Using credit cards for your wedding

Slap it on plastic?!

Ok, so now we’re getting more into the serious side of financing your wedding day. Credit Cards. They come in a variety of uses and a variety of repayments. As long as you’re sensible, using credit cards can be a great way forward.

There are three ways to realistically use a credit card to aid your wedding fund:

Firstly, you can use your credit card for the suppliers, like myself, who accept credit card payments. Ideally, I would just pay the big deposits off with the credit card and then manage the repayments soon after so it’s not as painful handing out large sums of money.

Secondly, you can use your card to pay for all of the small things that seemingly add up, the surprise items you didn’t think about to start off with.

Lastly, you can use your card to pay for the day to day things in life, like “the big shop”, letting your paycheck fund the wedding with small repayments to keep the credit company happy.

Please though, know that these are just ideas, If you cannot afford it, it is NOT worth the pain and the financial burden should you lose track of your spending.

Couple standing together on Hadrians Wall on their elopement from America by Joshua Wyborn

Ask your bank about a wedding loan

So yeah, here is the big one that I have known couples to do. It does have some big downsides but man it has some huge upsides! Again, please note this is just a way that others have done it. Please do not put yourself under financial strain for a small immediate reward.

The advantage of a wedding loan.

Obviously, every bank is different but you can borrow between £7,500-£15,000 loans with interest rates of about 5%, which as loans go isn’t bad at all. It means you have instant money to pay everything off in full and then pay back simple fixed monthly payments over a certain amount of years after your happy day.

Repaying the loan with a shorter timeframe (if you can afford to) means you will pay less interest overall. A longer timeframe means a higher total interest bill, but each monthly repayment will be smaller (there’ll just be more of them).

The disadvantage of a wedding loan.

Only people with high credit scores will be accepted for the best deals, while those with black marks will be offered a higher interest rate or refused credit altogether.

Lenders take your credit score into account when deciding what interest rate to charge you and how much you can borrow. If you have a poor credit history, this might mean you are unable to borrow at the market-leading rates.

A wedding loan with an interest rate of 5% or thereabouts is a very attractive proposition. However, the rates available for those needing to borrow under £7,500 or more than £15,000 generally tend to be higher.

More Wedding Tips

Wedding Insurance is a MUST!

With all of this, I cannot explain just how important wedding insurance is! Check out my blog Wedding Insurance: What you need to know! to read even more about it.

As I say, weddings are a huge investment of time and money and you should protect it. In the grand scheme of things, it costs peanuts! About £60 will cover most peoples wedding insurance needs so it really isn’t anything to fear.

Some banks who offer wedding loans will only do so if you also take out wedding insurance with your loan too!

wedding budget calculator & Savings Calculator

Wedding Budget Calculator

Well, after all of the above advice you’re now ready to test out the calculator! Enter your realistic savings per month and see the results unfold.You can untick items which you will not require, that amount will then go into your surplus budget for you to spend on the things that are priorities for you!

Again, this is just the UK average spends and not a golden rule set in stone.

Obviously, if your wedding venue is a package deal then you can bundle the catering, decor and venue costs all into one! Sometimes even the hair and makeup costs can be added to your venues offer.

Saving BudgetDream Budget
How much per month can you save?
Ideal budget?
How many months away is your wedding date?
If you're using savings, how much savings do you wish to use?
Are friends of family helping? If so much much have they gracefully given?
If you're taking out a loan, how much is your loan for?
Any other funds you’re using? if so how much do they come too?

Total Budget


Months to save


Budget costsDream costs
Total cost



Extra to spend on your priority vendors



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