Bride and groom embracing in front of the lakes in cumbria

Lake District and Scottish Elopement

Well, It is a huge privilege to say congratulations to Rhi & Jack for their recent elopement, on the 13th of September 2017, in The Lake District and The Famous Blacksmiths Shop, in Gretna Green. while going to school together and being close friends it's only in the last 5 years that they have been together as a couple. Rhi told me the wonderful story about the day and how it came around.

"Although we've always known we would get married, neither of us have ever really been 'wedding' people and we’d always intended to have a very small and intimate wedding when the time came. Jack proposed on Christmas day last year (2016) and from the very beginning, we were planning on just a small wedding with family and a small handful of school friends, which we wanted to have as soon as possible. Quickly though, we got caught up in the hype of wedding planning and the excitement of everyone around us, and before we knew it we were planning a completely different wedding for 120 guests, which, because of the need to book things so far in advance, wouldn't be until the summer of 2018.

We both felt really uneasy about it but we're trying to convince ourselves that it was the right thing to do because it was more of a 'normal' wedding, and was what people were expecting of us. It got to the point where we were about to book a venue, I was having sleepless nights over it all, and thankfully we listened to our instinct and decided to scrap it all and go back to what we had originally wanted to do.

By now it was June 2017. We already had a week in the Lake District booked with my family for September. We both absolutely love the Lakes and have been every year since we have been together. When we think of the Lake District we think of so many happy times together, it is our special place, so it seemed like the perfect idea to get married during that week! We spoke to Jacks family to make sure they would all be able to get up there at the same time, which they could, and the rest is history!"

As always, have a look at the below Slideshow and images from this epic day. If you would like me to photograph your big day, please feel free to contact me! If you're thinking of Eloping why not read more about my thoughts on my blog "Elopement isn't a dirty word" after you've seen this beautiful day in full.

Vendor love goes too:

Sarah Morten for her amazing Hair styling skills.

Stephanie Marrs for her beautiful floral work.


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