Category: Elopement Weddings

If you fancy running away together, drag me along and I’ll photograph the biggest adventure of your life! We can go anywhere! Photographing your love story is about celebrating you, and your adventure, in a way that is unique. Elopement honours the essence of getting married: your relationship is a priority.

I can be as adventurous as you: I’ll climb a Cumbrian fell with you or hike in an ancient Bavarian forest. I’ll trek with you in Iceland, or sail a boat around the Faroe Islands. Want to ski down the Italian alps? No problem! Maybe ride a gondola? How about a vineyard tour in France? Or a slow boat ride down the Rhine?

Whether you want to say “I do” by the flickering flames in an old stone fireplace inside an ancestral Scottish castle or on a balmy beach after swimming with wild dolphins, consider me your elopement essential: the person who wants to create a treasured visual keepsake of the most amazing time in your life and your love story.

An elopement is the ultimate wedding: it’s all about your love, your way, and your day. You choose your stunning location, and focus on the most important part of a wedding day: your vows, and I’ll document your memories to last a lifetime. Eloping is romantic, and it acts as a wonderful template for married life: authenticity, spontaneity, adventure, fun, creativity.

As your elopement will be so different and unique to yourselves that the pricing must also reflect this. Please get in touch and we can start planning your amazing love story.

If you have any questions or would like to know more please do Contact me.