Double elopement at Cragwood Country House

Double Elopement At Cragwood Country House Hotel

A little while ago, Catherine contacted me about photographing her and her husband's, wedding. However, Catherine and John were planning on getting married alongside Catherine's sister, Allison, and her husband to be Rob.

I utterly loved the idea of a double wedding in The Lake District, and thankfully I was available to photograph this double elopement wedding at Cragwood Country House on the shores of Windermere.

Catherine & John met about 30 years ago as work colleagues, and whilst at the time they went their separate ways in life, and they met again at a work reunion. They hit it off, starting the new relationship and marriage that they enjoy together.

Not wanting a big song and dance about their wedding, they decided to head to The Lake District for a Just US wedding. Whilst telling Catherine's sister, Allison, and her 20-year-long partner Rob about this. Catherine Joked that Allison and Rob could witness the marriage and that Catherine and John could witness Allison and Rob's. To their surprise, Allison and Rob agreed, and the double marriage elopement plan was set!

Allison & Rob met on a night out in 1998. A time before mobiles were everywhere, Allison wrote her number on a £10 note with an eyebrow pencil. Sadlyrob spent the £10 note without realising the one he spent was the one with Allison's number on it! Thankfully, however, he remembered that she worked for a Bank, and so he rang around every branch he could find in the area until he came across Allison again.

On the day while the Lake District threw everything, it could at us, we still managed to have two unique outdoor ceremonies. The weather soon came in, however, and when we went out for portraits. We all got caught out by some rather horrendous lake district weather, which is always an exciting time to photograph for weddings! Thankfully Cragwood has some great small woodlands we could dive into for some quick coverage from the rain before running back to the safety of the bar!

So if you're thinking about eloping, and you're a little bit worried, there really isn't any need to be as this double Cragwood Country House elopement will show. If you fancy contacting me about your elopement then please do as I would love to document your day!


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