bride Trash the dress with black background and vivid paint from paintglow

Bride Trashes Wedding Dress with Paint from PaintGlow

Every now and then I'm asked about a Trash The Dress shoot! Ideas range from Mud to underwater to whatever creative way you want. When Hannah asked to trash her dress she asked if I had any ideas how. Thankfully, I have always wanted to trash one with paint! Hannah loved the idea and off we went!

The paint itself is colour run paint from PaintGlow based in Cumbria itself! The plan was simple, to get a cheap disposable backdrop and to throw some paint around in their back garden. We hadn't quite prepared for the snow flurries again but thankfully we managed to get the shoot wrapped up before it really started to come down. With some helpers in the form of Katie, Kelly and Michael. We absolutely peppered Hannah with paint... Which then broke out into a huge paint fight!

Enjoy the videos, photos and if you would like to do a bridal portrait then please feel free to get in touch with me. You can see other bridal portraits on my blog too.


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