Couple walking across a field to the nearby river in lanercost

Wetheral Church Wedding Carlisle

Nicky & Rob first met on the legendary Pre-Tinder, Tinder, that was MSN... When they were 15. Those were the days! While the young love might have ended at one point they got back together when they were 18 and have been a couple ever since!

Over the last decade, they have grown closer and closer, bought and renovated a house with robs joinery skills and also acquired Royce, the 3-year-old doggo who features heavily in these photos as well... me n him are now bezzies... I flippin love a wedding doggo!

Both being crazy relaxed people Nicky and Rob wanted the wedding to remain local to them with venues that represent themselves. This meant having their wedding ceremony in the nearby Wetheral Parish Church, a church that they walk past daily while walking Royce. It also lead to the decision to have their wedding reception at the quirky Dacre Hall, a part of Lanercost Priory, where they could essentially do anything they wanted to the hall and make it their own. Even the bar is run by the local cricket club, cant get more local than that!

Have a look at the below images from this Wetheral Church Wedding and If you would like me to photograph your big day, Or your outdoor ceremony, or elsewhere, please feel free to contact me.


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