Two brides participating in the Race For Life, standing proudly in front of a banner that says this is beating cancer.

Jaime’s Race For Life in Her Wedding Dress

Jaime decided to run the race for life for cancer research as not only was it her first year wedding anniversary but she also has a personal connection to the event.

Jaime grandfather sadly passed away in February 2003 and her father in law also passed away on boxing day 2015.

Jaime asked me a few months ago about a post-wedding photoshoot in her wedding dress as she adores her dress and wanted even more photos of it before it was boxed away for good like most wedding dresses.

After a few different ideas from trashing her dress in water and with paint Jaime decided to use her dress for a more meaningful light. She even had her bridesmaid Karen to join in by not only helping but doing so in her bridesmaid's dress! Karen also has a personal connection with this event.

It was my first time at a race for life event, even though cancer has affected my family as well. I found it incredible to see everyone standing up against this horrible bugger of a disease.

Heres to Jaime, Karen and everyone one else for doing their 5k, 10k and Pretty Mudder!


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