A bride and groom, sharing a passionate Kiss of Life in a room.

The Kiss of Life An Elopement

Lucy & Sean said their vows at Cragwood Country House Hotel in a 'Just Us' ceremony, followed by an adventure to Rydal Water. It was beautifully intimate and perfect in every way. It was an absolute honour to be there for these two. Their story, the road they have walked down to get here, isn't the easiest of reads. Needless to say, a kiss of life was needed, and when things like that happen, I believe priorities change and realign.

To quote Sean "Love is the Cure, because if it was anyone else I simply wouldn’t be here today. She has healing hands and the breath of life. She brought me back for another throw of the dice, marry your guardian angel for you only get one in your lifetime!"

"We met when we worked together in 2011, at a small Morrisons supermarket. I was admin and Sean worked on produce (he doesn’t work there now), he always tells people our eyes met over the potatoes and the rest is history! We got together in 2012 not long before I left Morrisons. We’ve pretty much been inseparable ever since.

We’ve had an extremely tough year this year. Sean, unfortunately, had a cardiac arrest at 2 am on Mother’s Day. Luckily, I was awoken by the noise. I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to pull him out bed and resuscitate him, the paramedics arrived and amazingly there were two air ambulance doctors in the area who soon arrived and placed Sean in a coma.

He spent two days in ICU in a coma (and I hardly left his side) before being transferred to James Cook hospital where they have an amazing cardiac team, who fitted him with a defibrillator. He was then diagnosed with a rare heart condition.

From then, we pretty much decided the wedding needed to happen. We’d waited long enough, it made us more certain this was the best way for us to get married, just the two of us. Neither of us are traditionalists. We just do our own thing and I think that’s why we are such a good match.

We’ve both never been into a big wedding, I don’t like the thought of lots of people watching me take my vows! I think that’s how we’re pretty much a perfect match, neither of us wanted a big elaborate wedding with a lot of people. We’d been looking for elopement packages for a while before I stumbled across Cragwood and the ‘Just the two of us’ package on Google. We visited the hotel late last year, and from that moment we know it was perfect for us. The amazing views and the quietness of the place is exactly what we were after."

If you would like me to photograph your big day, please feel free to contact me! If you’re thinking of Eloping why not read more about my thoughts on my blog “Elopement isn’t a dirty word” after you’ve seen this beautiful day in full.

Vendor Love!

Venue: Cragwood Country House Hotel

Dress: Wed2B

Flowers: Brackens Of Bowness


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