Why All Weddings Are Equal – An Open Letter


Great piece, Josh.
One thing’s for certain, the couple that turned you down have missed out on a fantastic set of images from their special day. Their loss, not yours.

Joshua Wyborn

I’m fairly sure they will struggle to find a photographer who will only photograph “straight” weddings.

Hello, really interesting post, we would like one of our journalists to contact you to conduct an interview on this. Do you have proof of this and contact details for the couple that originally enquired?


jonathan Evans

Joshua Wyborn


Thank you for reaching out.

While I do have proof and the contact details i don’t believe giving them out would be an advisable thing to do. Firstly it is against my T&Cs alongside my GDPR guidelines on my website. Secondly, but mainly, I don’t wish to glorify them. I want to raise up that all weddings are equal.

I personally wouldn’t wish to wake up to journalists contacting me about an opinion which im perfectly entitled to have and challenge me on it.

Thank you for reading my open letter.


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