Planning A Winter Wedding? Five Photography Tips To Get It Right.

Winter weddings are certainly becoming more and more popular again. In general, more vendors will be available so you may be able to get exactly who you're after rather than in summer finding half of them have been booked a year before you even enquired.

It maybe that you like to honeymoon on the other side of the world during their peak summer period and so a winter wedding in good old Blighty makes perfect sense. It may simply be that other commitments over summer are in the way and so you choose a winter wedding. Whatever your reason, you're not alone.

Below is just a few tips on planning a winter wedding mixed in with some of my low light and winter wedding photography. Some of these have been taken during summer weddings but in the pitch black of night. Like I say it's how to handle light that's the key to the transferable skill of winter wedding photography.

There are a few things to consider not only in planning but also from a wedding photography point of view.


Firstly, your venue.

Please go and view it in the months you are considering having your wedding day on. After all, those gorgeous flowers won't be in bloom in the winter months. It also may help you decide to look at the venues winter decor. Even at this stage it's good to think about photographs. Is there a place big enough for your group shots? If it rains all day, is there enough room inside for everyone to enjoy themselves and not be sardines?


Secondly, your timeline.

Yes, it sounds boring but think, you may only have a few hours of daylight at most on your winter wedding day. Unlike endless summer nights, a 5 pm sunset may cause you to rearrange your entire day. Potentially an early ceremony for a crisp, fresh, gorgeous winter morning ceremony rather than a summer 2 pm ceremony? Talk to your preferred venue about how they combat the lack of sunlight and see what they recommend and what works best.

Bride and groom at Storrs Hall in the rain at nighttime under the gazebo

Thirdly, Wedding Insurance.

Bet you weren't expecting that one were you? Are you covered for extreme weather? It's a good idea to have wedding insurance for any wedding but in winter It can be even more useful because of the weather. I was photographing a wedding as Storm Desmond started to hit Cumbria. Thankfully I was already at the wedding and so I had to brave going back to Carlisle, But what if the wedding was a day later and I couldn't leave Carlisle due to 6 plus feet of water around every road into the city? Its food for thought for sure!

Wedding Portrait at Hidden River Barn with couple on the balcony

Fourth, the weather.

Photographers do love the outside, and so do most people. No matter how cool it is, in general, we prefer to be outside. The winter sun is gorgeous and captures some beautiful colours and tones. It's always advisable to wear something warm as even your venue may be cooler than usual. That said I'm sure the central heating will be on full whack. If your photographer wants to go outside for a portrait with you be prepared to go as it may just make the most beautiful photographs of your entire day. Maybe even get a “Champers Jacket” on by necking a few before you head out!

Fifth, your photographer.

Winter weddings and low light photography are totally different to airy fairy summer wedding days. Less light, Less time, Dark venues and in general wet weather. Ideally, you want to find a photographer who is capable of working in these conditions. Before you book your photographer I suggest you ask to see some low light wedding photographs or winter weddings in particular. You want to find someone who is confident in all conditions as, just like with British summer time, British winter can throw all sorts of weather at us. Just because it's going to be in winter doesn't mean you shouldn't have any wow photos either. look for someone who is happy to work with various lighting systems and let their imagination go wild.

Thank you for listening, I hope it has helped just a little bit.

Bride and groom in night time weding portrait on the steps of New House Farm

If you would like to talk more about your winter wedding photography with myself, or even have me photograph your big day, then please do get in touch.

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