Small Winter Wedding At Storrs Hall

I've said it before, ill say it again, Storrs Hall is the perfect venue for a Lake District wedding. Be that a huge all-out one, or like Grace & Netran, a small intimate wedding day with the closest people to them all around. This small winter wedding at Storrs Hall was actually a first for me, an indoor wedding at Storrs Hall! Every time we've managed to dodge the weather and have outdoor ceremonies but instead because of the storms, we all gathered around to celebrate this epic couple and family together in one of the many fantastic rooms Storrs Hall Has.

"I was a student looking for a flexible better paid job, my friends Mark and Jane  suggested I got a job with them working as a Hackney Taxi driver.  Mark told me he could get me cheats  to learn the knowledge , which was very needed . Before I knew it I was sat in a black hackney taxi with yellow wheels and not a clue but managed to blag my way through. Little did I know I would meet my Netran working on them. 

Netran was also a taxi driver and we caught  each others eye whilst parked up on the rank.  We got talking and just hit it off . I loved his scouse humour and quiet confidence and he said he loved my sense of adventure.   What ensued was a few weeks of flirting , listening to Paolo Nutini and  keeping our taxi lights off so we could race back to the rank (light off so nobody could flag you down) to continue the flirting.

This all ended up with a first date watching  the film hot fuzz  and drinking cheap Rose.  Not much has changed since we have just moved onto stronger alcohol. To skip forward a few years we where living in our first rented house no longer taxi drivers. I had got a job I loved working in a lab and Ne was working offshore two weeks away two weeks home, which he still does today.

I then got pregnant with our first child Annabella and then three years later our second Oscar. Being parents is such a great addition to our relationship and we have had so many funny , fabulous times with them and just enjoy watching them grow and blossom."

"Over the years we have often talked about marriage but kids,  houses,  having a huge close-knit family and being torn between where to marry Liverpool or Blackpool has always pushed marriage down the priority list.  We have always been fine with that as we were happy and busy always working towards the next goal.  We have always been easy-going, fun-loving and have never worried about what's ahead. Sadly though 2020 was a struggle. COVID, lockdown and the world going crazy aside,  we have suffered three huge bereavements."

One of the bereavements was Netrans beloved sister Naydine. 2020 and the pandemic taught us all a lot, but one huge overriding theme for myself, clients and my friends is to live in the moment and to take the adventure of life on. Life is far too short, even in the boring bits not to make the most of every opportunity. With this in mind, Grace & Netran went planned an elopement with their children. Sadly due to lockdowns, this was postponed several times and venues did also change but... It all came together to create this incredible small winter wedding at Storrs Hall, even if we were in the midst of a storm!

Have a look at the below images from this Storrs Hall winter wedding and If you would like me to photograph your big or small day, please feel free to contact me!

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