Bride with pink bride and groom cycling over bench by Joshua Wyborn

Alternative Wedding with Trials Bikes and Rock Venue

Tino and Jill are awesome! Their love for having an alternative wedding, including Tino’s trials bike and the reception at a local live rock venue is infectious. Jills Sister Kay, made the dress herself by hand while working on costumes on film sets. How cool is that?! Pretty much everything has been made with friends and craftiness in this rather epic DIY wedding.

“We met in Las Vegas Strip. The one that used to be in Carlisle, not the real one! In the little rock bar in there called Vain at a mutual friends birthday drinks. We very quickly became inseparable and I moved in with him and his friend within a few weeks. Within a year we were expecting our eldest, Pashley and we had our own house and started our collection of pets!

Tino is obsessed with bikes, I’m obsessed with chocolate and sleep but we both love rock music and spent the first couple of years together mainly in Club Rock where he DJ’d and I worked behind the bar. We decided to add to our family and now we have Pashley and Daisy as well as Tino’s teenage daughter Chantell.

Tino is a stubborn grumpy old man but he’s also loyal, thoughtful and very sweet. He always makes sure I have chocolate in the fridge and puts up with a lot from me.”

Embers operate on a non-profit basis, investing all of its profits back into the community which attends the venue, aiming to provide a long-term, sustainable alternative option in the nightlife of Cumbria. was at the heart of the party with many of the guests being involved in the community itself. you should really go and see what they’re all about as I think its epic! And it’s sure a different venue if you’re looking for an alternative wedding at a live rock venue.

As always, have a look at the below Slideshow and images from this epic day. If you would like me to photograph your big day, please feel free to contact me!

Vendor Love

Pizza – Romano Pizzeria

Bouquets – RQ bouquets and crafts

Hair & Make Up – Dashing Dolls


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