Couples Portrait Session

Couples Portrait Sessions

If a picture paints a thousand words, then the photography of your relationship deserves to be a novel. Set amidst the picturesque landscapes of Cumbria and the Lake District. Each couple is unique; therefore, your session's location, atmosphere and style need to reflect that.

Why Cumbria for Your Couple Portrait Session?

Cumbria and the Lake District stand as idyllic canvases for your portrait session. This stunning county can be split into 4 sections, from majestic fells (mountains) to serene lakes, rivers and waterfalls. The forests and woodlands lead to the breathtaking rugged coast. These diverse landscapes provide a canvas to tailor your session, ensuring it resonates with your style.

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Guided Professionalism

Scenic Backdrops

Personalised Embrace

If the prospect of being in the spotlight feels unfamiliar, rest assured. I provide friendly yet professional guidance to ensure you relax and revel in the experience, resulting in authentic and natural photographs.

Choose from a selection of stunning locations, including fells, lakes, waterfalls, woodlands or the coast. As long as it's public land, then let's go! If it is private land, let's see if we can get permission. Each site boasts unique charm, adding depth and richness to your portraits. Do you have a favourite location full of its own charm and memories?

Your story is as unique as a fingerprint; your session will mirror that. My laid-back style means your personality and character shine through without awkward posing.

About Your Couple Portrait Session

The portrait session itself will last about 90 minutes at a location of your choice.  All of your final images will be available to download through your very own password-protected, private online gallery.

The total cost for your Couple Portrait Session inside of Cumbria is £250. If you spend over £1600 on your wedding photography, then the shoot is totally FREE!


The Woods - Couple Portrait Sessions

Cumbria is full of amazing small woodlands and some huge forests and plantations. They make some perfect locations for couple portraits. Even better, in the great Lake District weather we can hide from the rain!

Lakes, Rivers & Waterfalls - Couple Portrait Sessions

After all, it's what The Lake District is named after... Although technically there's only one lake, Bassenthwiate. Water is everywhere in Cumbria, be it the lakes, meres, waters, and reservoirs or the rivers, streams, and rivers that feed them.

The Mountains - Couple Portrait Sessions

I remember traveling up to Cumbria for the first time, looking at the paper map, it said 'Cumbrian Mountains' and I was sold. Adventure was on the cards and I wanted to play. Locally known as 'Fells', from the old Norse word for mountain, these rugged hills rise above the horizon creating stunning landscapes, hikes, and viewpoints.

The Coast - Couple Portrait Sessions

I adore Cumbria's coastline, it goes from Solway marshes overlooking Scotland to craggy cliffs and sandy beaches looking towards the Isle of Man. Its diversity is its strength and no two parts of the coast are the same. so whether you want sand dunes or pebble beaches there will be a perfect location for your couple portrait session.

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