Lakes, Rivers & Waterfalls - Couple Portrait Sessions

So, I've been living in Cumbria for more than 15 years now, and let me tell you, I'm head over heels for this place. It's not just about the Lake District; the entire county has won me over. The landscape here is like pure magic.

When I look around, I can break it down into four awesome parts: Lakes & Rivers, Mountains, Forests, and the Coast. Sometimes, they all mix and mingle, showing off the stunning Cumbrian scenery.

Instead of doing separate blog posts, I thought it'd be cooler to group my couple portrait sessions by styles. Check out the links below to jump to the sessions you're into.

This page is all about those lakes, rivers and waterfall couple portraits and the cool adventures we've had in Cumbria & The Lake District.

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Couple Portrait Sessions

  1. The Scottish Border River
  2. Derwent Water Couple Portrait Session
  3. A Hidden Waterfall Couples Portrait Session
  4. A Dog Walking Couple Portrait Session at Buttermere
  5. Two Get Lost In Buttermere
  6. A Moody Thirlmere Adventure
  7. Ennerdale Water Couple Portrait Session
  8. Crummock Water Couple Portrait Session
  9. A Grasmere Couple Portrait Session
  10. The Adventure To The Thirlmere View
  11. The Haweswater Viewpoint

The Scottish Border River

Kira & Paul are soon to get married at Hidden River Cabins and enjoy a small wedding with their closest family and friends around them. Traveling from where they live they came up to Cumbria for a food tasting at Hidden River and decided to stay at the nearby and amazing Penton Bridge Inn, which is where we met to start the couple portrait session.

We walked down the road to the nearby river "Liddel Water" which is actually the boundary line between England and Scotland and crossed over into Scotland. Wandering around the river adventuring away chatting about all things weddings and life in the rather mixed weather that only the borderlands can give!

I honestly cannot wait to photograph these two lovelies again at Hidden River Cabins surrounded by awesome people!

Derwent Water Couple Portrait Session

A Hidden Waterfall Couples Portrait Session

Ashley & Gerard are seriously cute and when I mentioned that maybe we should go and find a hidden waterfall Ashely could hardly contain her excitement... The hidden waterfall in question is Ashgill Force and as you can see in my little iPhone video below, It really does come out of nowhere. This isn't the first time we have seen this cute couple either as Ashley was a bridesmaid at Becky & Robs Wedding not so long ago.

Driving all the way up from Leeds it took the couple a few hours to reach the location of the waterfall, might have been quicker if they didn't drive right past it the first time... see told you it was hidden! As we were walking and talking it became clear that this awesome duo absolutely adore each other. As always, we spent a few minutes firstly talking and walking getting settled and easing any nerves they may have had. We then moved onto basic posing and again me giving some tasks and games into the situation to get the real them.

As you walk through the woodlands you come across old buildings with huge stones tumbling down upon themselves and small routes out and through the area. I suspect there are a few hidden caves around here as well! The muddy path winds on through the lush green woodland thanks to the very recent rainfall and you come back to a fantastic view of the force itself. We, however, decided to save the waterfall till last. Walking downstream along more paths and areas exploring this fantastic area of the Cumbria landscape.

In general, we just had an awesome time, and in general, getting soaking wet from the spray of a waterfall. but it was totally worth it! Right, that's enough of my waffling on have a look at this awesome couple and their couples portrait session.

If you would like to have a couples portrait session with myself, or even have me photograph your big day, then please do get in touch.

A Dog Walking Couple Portrait Session at Buttermere

Babs, Mark & Bella are a seriously beautiful trio full of fun and laughter. Babs & Mark met while studying at university and have been rather inseparable ever since! The plan was simple, to meet up at Syke Farm tea rooms and then venture down to the lakeshore for a Dog Walking Couple Portrait Session.

The lake district in the only way it knows how, decided to play along with some rain and rolling clouds down the valley. Ironically I had just spent a few hours on a shoot in the next valley, bone dry and sunny! That said, we loved the atmosphere and stuck to our original plan. Well, ok so we waited and had some cake in the tea rooms but... it would just be rude not too?!

We walked and talked about their work and the funny things in life alongside their upcoming wedding day which they had only just booked a few days before our shoot! As we ventured on we played some word games and had a good giggle at the funny things in life. Sadly, our original plans to visit the lakeshore were cancelled as when we reached the gate it was locked shut so that the resident sandpipers can nest in peace. These ground-nesting birds are particularly vulnerable to being disturbed by dogs and people.

As always, respecting the lake district and its native animals, alongside the farm animals that call it home is a must in my books! We carried on and found a cool little bay area of shore that was all fine and dandy to climb down to.. so we did!

Anyway, check out the photos below and If you would like to have a couples portrait session with myself, or even have me photograph your big day, then please do get in touch.

Two Get Lost In Buttermere

Well, what can I say about this Couple Portrait Session? Becky & Rich asked for a typical Lake District day, some lakeside stuff alongside some mountains, and of course, some utterly moody damp weather! The Lakes didn't disappoint with at one point an absolute white out of low lying clouds!

The weather, however, wasn't the biggest issue we faced on their shoot. In fact, I'm just happy the shoot happened at all! After placing a pin on google maps and sending it off we all thought meeting up in a remote carpark in the heart of the lake district would be a piece of cake... Apparently not. While I stayed in the car park waiting, Becky and rich waited in another car park in the heart of Buttermere, which to be fair, did have the same postcode... Just the wrong body of water, seeing as I was at Crummock Water...

Thankfully after zooming around trying to find mobile signal by pure chance, I headed back to the original carpark and minutes later they showed up, with an emergetcy stop. Classy!

We all ventured up the smaller parts of Rannerdale Knotts, which for a few weeks of the year is covered in bluebells, I highly recommend you go and see it, to get an awesome view of the stunning Crummock Water as the seriously moody backdrop while talking about upcoming plans for the upcoming wedding. As always we went through some basic posing and messed around having a laugh. Totally relaxed. We then made our way back down towards the waterside with the very imposing Grasmoor and Mellbreak fells standing tall into the clouds over our heads.

So, check out the photos below and If you would like to have a couples portrait session with myself, or even have me photograph your big day, then please do get in touch.

A Moody Thirlmere Adventure

The Lake District is beautiful, partly because of the weather. In the sunshine it's glorious in the rain it's dramatic. Most days you get both! Looking at the weather forecast for the dramatic Thirlmere we actually met up two hours earlier than originally planned for Abby & Phil's couple portrait session in order to beat the rain but... Let's just say that didn't go to plan!

We started our Thirlmere adventure with good intentions. From meeting up at the planned car park we moved to another in search of a waterfall... sounded cool! So we hiked up a small hill listening for the waterfall and we found it! but in order to actually see it we had to go back down.. a slippy wet rock covered in branches and wet leaves while the rain started to kick in. In true Josh Wyborn fashion we made it down with a few falls from me and a trusty Chester Zoo brolly!

We decided to then venture down the road towards the shore where Abby said she wanted to stand on a rock in the river... so naturally, she decided that her feet were already wet and to just walk into the river across to where she wanted to go! I mean, I flippin love these guys! we carried on and found a rope swing, which obviously got abused, and then a small little beach. It was about this time that the heavens really started to open and again just pros. They just embraced it and walked into the lake with no prompting at all!

I cannot wait for their upcoming wedding this winter as if this couple portrait session is to go by... it will be a hoot!

Check out the photos below and If you would like to have a couples portrait session with myself, or even have me photograph your big day, then please do get in touch.

Ennerdale Water Couple Portrait Session

Ennerdale Water is stunning. It's a small lake in the Lake District that I only recently visited for the first time a few weeks ago. Its also near to where Sarah & Craig live so it was the perfect location for the Couple Portrait session before their upcoming wedding.

As always we walked and talked about them as a couple and what they like to do, which is seemingly trying to push each other into the lake or off a tree branch... We also spoke about the wedding plans and went through some basic posing to make the wedding day run a little smoother and to get rid of any camera nerves, which these guys hard hardly any!

It was a great day and I cannot wait for their wedding day as it's going to be amazing!

Check out the photos below and If you would like to have a couples portrait session with myself, or even have me photograph your big day, then please do get in touch.

Crummock Water Couple Portrait Session

I adore Crummock Water and Often travel there for photographing my Fine Art Landscapes, but I had never photographed a Couple Portrait Session there until now. Kat & Craig travelled up to the lakes for their couples shoot as a little bit of practice for their wedding next year. It was also a great way to meet before the big day. Emails and the like are great but they're nothing compared to face to face walking in the lakes having a laugh.

Crummock Water is a gorgeous lake and it is one of the clearest lakes in the district with its hard rock bottom and clear water sources like the amazing Scale Force waterfall, which is the highest waterfall int he Lake District at 170 feet!

As always we walked and talked about them as a couple, the wedding day and all the adventures they have had together. We also looked at basic posing and that being in front of a camera doesn't have to be scary at all and once you get into it, it's actually quite easy. On our way back to the cars we came across a rope swing over the river which was just too tempting for these beauts as the fun and chaos started. There may have been one or two crashes but no one got wet so I'm calling that a win!

Check out the photos below and If you would like to have a couples portrait session with myself, or even have me photograph your big day, then please do get in touch.

A Grasmere Couple Portrait Session

A little while ago Sophie & Dominic contacted me about a Couple Portrait Session as they were up in The Lake District on a weekend away staying at the stunning Daffodil Hotel, right on the shore of Grasmere!

The hotel is amazing and let us do some shots on their property before we went on our Grasmere adventure. They were even kind enough to give Sophie & Dominic some balloons a few days before in their bedroom... Which we kept for some photographs before sucking helium out of them and making stupid voices and giggling away like school children.

After our voices had settled we headed around Grasmere circular walk, Dominic is a huge fan of circular walks it seems, fair play, no one ever likes to walk back the way they came! Wheres the fun in that?!

I loved my time with these two, including skimming rocks across the lake for a good ten mins before carrying on our walk and talk laugh-a-thon. I cant wait to see what life has in store for this couple!

Check out the photos below and If you would like to have a couples portrait session with myself, or even have me photograph your big day, then please do get in touch.

The Adventure To The Thirlmere View

Jess & Ollie are from London and have some family connections in Cumbria. The near future plans for their wedding in Cumbria is going to be amazing and seeing as they were up in the area we thought it would be a great idea to meet up for a couple portrait session.

The weather was amazing as we ventured and explored an area of Thirlmere I had not previously been to before. With clear blue skies, still, waters and not many people around it was the perfect place to walk and talk along the paths and venture along the shores and up onto the rocks for the incredible Thirlmere view that greeted us.

I cannot wait for this amazing duo autumnal wedding this year, it's going to include local churches and a stunning reception venue! Proof that even in these crazy COVID times, it's still possible, albeit different, to have the wedding of your dreams!

Check out the photos below and If you would like to have a couples portrait session with myself, or even have me photograph your big day, then please do get in touch.

The Haweswater Viewpoint

Ellen & Ben's love of Haweswater, and in particular this viewpoint, was the setting for the first couple portrait session of 2022! Ellen does legal stuff and Ben "Drives" planes for a living but after meeting online they fell in love and have decided to say their vows at the Haweswater Hotel.

We met at The Haweswater Hotel and headed down the reservoir to the particular viewpoint, where, in true Cumbrian style... it rained... sleeted.. hailed and snowed! We quickly headed back to the hotel to talk about the wedding plans and have a laugh over some hot drinks to warm us back up!

Couple Portrait sessions are amazing, even if, like this one, they're only 15 mins long because of the weather. It's time to understand how portraiture works and how you don't need to stress at all about photos.

As I mention more in Tips For Your Couple Portrait Session, we’ll walk around talking and every now and then ill ask you to pose or to do something together while I take photos. We move at your speed as I see how you are feeling and getting on. This should be a fun time where we get to know each other even more and you get some amazing photos to add to your collection.

If you fancy a portrait session why not Contact me. You can also talk to me about your upcoming wedding photography plans!

Couple Portrait Sessions

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