Couple together at Crummock water, jumping in each other arms, lakes side shot

Tips For Your Couple Portrait Session

Here are a few tips that'll make life easier for you and me. My couple portrait sessions are really relaxed, we'll walk around talking and every now and then ill ask you to pose or to do something together while I take photos.

We move at your speed as I see how you are feeling and getting on. This should be a fun time where we get to know each other even more and you get some amazing photos to add to your collection.

Couple standing beside a hidden waterfall couple portrait session

Here are some Couple Portrait Session tips to make it even better and worry-free...

  1. Your session should be fun and a good time. So feel free to be you! Plus, laughing will get you relaxed way sooner and make the rest easier.
  2. Focus on each other! I don't take a lot of camera aware photos, so just focus on each other. Look at each other, kiss, cuddle, look into one direction together, just not at the camera. I'll let you know when I need you looking at me.
  3. Don't forget your hands! People tend to not to know where to put their hands in photos and end up with them hanging awkwardly at their sides. Just don't forget about them. Put them around each other, touch your love's face or brush her hair out of her face. Things like that.
  4. Overdress a little. If you're not sure what to wear a good guideline is to overdress a little but still be comfortable. What exactly that means depends on what you usually wear. If you want to dress more formal and rock the glam look then that's amazing too! Just let me know.
  5. Soft and neutral colours work best. Choose soft or neutral colours for the majority of your outfits. There's nothing wrong with a pop of colour but you don't want the outfit to take away from the moments.
  6. Try not to be too matching, think to complement. If one of you wears something really colourful or with large patterns, go for small patterns or neutral with the other one. Look at both of you together in the mirror before you leave to make sure you look amazing together. I've had couples with different shades of red/pink realizing this at the shoot. He had to keep on his jacket for the whole shoot 😉
  7. Prepare to hug, kiss, embrace, talk to each other, look at each other. You will do this ALOT!
  8. Hold moments! Don't rush from pose to pose or moment to moment. Give me the chance to capture it.
  9. Two last things: I often zoom with my feet as I mostly shoot prime (non-zoom) lenses, so if I come closer or move, it's usually because you're doing great!

I hope these Couple Portrait Sessions Tips will help you with your session, even if it's not with me. If you would like to have a couples portrait session with myself, or even have me photograph your big day, then please do get in touch.

    1. Hey Andrew! It’s local to the couple and has been there for years untouched. No one knows who owns them but they’re on common land so we just jumped on up!


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