A Moody Thirlmere Adventure

The Lake District is beautiful, partly because of the weather. In the sunshine it's glorious in the rain it's dramatic. Most days you get both! Looking at the weather forecast for the dramatic Thirlmere we actually met up two hours earlier than originally planned for Abby & Phil's couple portrait session in order to beat the rain but... Let's just say that didn't go to plan!

We started our Thirlmere adventure with good intentions. From meeting up at the planned car park we moved to another in search of a waterfall... sounded cool! So we hiked up a small hill listening for the waterfall and we found it! but in order to actually see it we had to go back down.. a slippy wet rock covered in branches and wet leaves while the rain started to kick in. In true Josh Wyborn fashion we made it down with a few falls from me and a trusty Chester Zoo brolly!

We decided to then venture down the road towards the shore where Abby said she wanted to stand on a rock in the river... so naturally, she decided that her feet were already wet and to just walk into the river across to where she wanted to go! I mean, I flippin love these guys! we carried on and found a rope swing, which obviously got abused, and then a small little beach. It was about this time that the heavens really started to open and again just pros. They just embraced it and walked into the lake with no prompting at all!

I cannot wait for their upcoming wedding this winter as if this couple portrait session is to go by... it will be a hoot!

Check out the photos below and If you would like to have a couples portrait session with myself, or even have me photograph your big day, then please do get in touch.

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