Galleny Force Waterfall Adventure

Jo & Cain booked their post-wedding portrait session last year for their wedding anniversary. Sadly with work commitments and COVID we had to keep putting it off until just now where we set off to find Galleny Force Waterfall at Stonethwaite.

As we drove closer and closer the clouds loomed more and more and the rain started to fall heavier and heavier. Thankfully Jo, Cain & Bruno weren't fussed by the rain and we just adventured onward to find the waterfall which was only a short walk away.

As the imposing fells loomed over and the storm clouds got heavier along side the rain the gorgeous autuminal colours of ferns started to pop agianst the background of the lake district.

Jo wanted to get into the water for a photo, however with the heavy rain the waterfall was more of a torrent of water so on the way back we found a smaller stream to trek into as Cains shoes filled with water and Bruno dived into the photos!

If you would like a Post Wedding Portrait Session, Or for myself to photograph your Elopement or Wedding. Then please do get in touch and let’s go for an adventure!


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