An outdoor wedding ceremony with a couple sitting in a car at dusk.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony In The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is gorgeous (arguably the Lake District is better, but that's a debate for another day) and it is right on the edge of the Cotswolds that Dan & Tara had their outdoor wedding ceremony with the gorgeous rolling hills of Oxfordshire in the background.

I love travelling for weddings, not only does it mean I get to travel around the UK and take in just how amazing our country is, but I get more time to spend with people as typically I arrive the day before the wedding. For this weekend it seemed most of the guests stayed in the same pub as me and so the night before was full of talk, laughter and of course alcohol.

The next day it felt like I was with old friends, which coincidently is how Dan and Tara met. They were old friends who met when they were 17 & 16. Through the wonders of the internet while they may have been apart in distance the friendship was still there. In 2017 while travelling back from Egypt Dan and Tara met up to catch up on old times and well... Since then they started dating and got engaged to bring us up to date with this amazing wedding day. It may have taken 17 years of knowing each other to get to this point but I think it's fair to say that they are utterly in love with each other.

Have a look at the below images from this epic day. If you would like me to photograph your big day, please feel free to contact me!


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