The Haweswater Viewpoint

Ellen & Ben's love of Haweswater, and in particular this viewpoint, was the setting for the first couple portrait session of 2022! Ellen does legal stuff and Ben "Drives" planes for a living but after meeting online they fell in love and have decided to say their vows at the Haweswater Hotel.

We met at The Haweswater Hotel and headed down the reservoir to the particular viewpoint, where, in true Cumbrian style... it rained... sleeted.. hailed and snowed! We quickly headed back to the hotel to talk about the wedding plans and have a laugh over some hot drinks to warm us back up!

Couple Portrait sessions are amazing, even if, like this one, they're only 15 mins long because of the weather. It's time to understand how portraiture works and how you don't need to stress at all about photos.

As I mention more in Tips For Your Couple Portrait Session, we’ll walk around talking and every now and then ill ask you to pose or to do something together while I take photos. We move at your speed as I see how you are feeling and getting on. This should be a fun time where we get to know each other even more and you get some amazing photos to add to your collection.

If you fancy a portrait session why not Contact me. You can also talk to me about your upcoming wedding photography plans!

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