New House Farm Wedding portrait

Cocktail Making New House Farm Wedding Festival

Well, these guys knew how to party that's for sure! Steve & Laura planned a two-day wedding festival at New House Farm in The Lake District to not only have a wedding ceremony with friends and family but to have a weekend with them all celebrating and having fun!

A photography friend of mine was actually supposed to photograph this wedding festival but sadly COVID played its hand yet again and so I covered for him, as I know he would for me as well. It's so nice being around amazing people who have your back and likewise, you have theirs in times of need.

As you can probably tell from the title, the wedding ceremony itself wasn't a usual one either, it was a bespoke ceremony conducted by the amazing Veronika, who I've not seen in years! It was amazing to catch up on but also to see her at work.

At the start of the ceremony, the rings were placed on eucalyptus leaves and passed around everyone present to hold them and bless them with thoughts of positivity. We moved on to the Cocktail making, declaration of intent, vows, giving of rings, a speech & jumping the druid’s besom.

After the ceremony, we all headed out to chill out on New House Farms grounds before a 6-course tapas meal with speeches between each course. The evening reception was full of laughs and dancing as a local Keswick band The Kasios took to the stage entertaining everyone till the bitter end.

Day two at New House Farm was also amazing, however, it was also rather damp. even less formal than day one, everyone enjoyed each other's company, playing cards, and listening to acoustic punky-rock dad-rock-pop covers by an amazing Penrith duo. After a while, we got bored of the rain and decided to have space hopper races in the rain because... why not?!

So if you're wanting a non-traditional wedding day or festival, and you're a little bit worried, there really isn't any need to be as this New House Farm wedding will show. If you fancy contacting me about your wedding plans then please do as I would love to document your wedding!


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